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Mudslinging–in a Butler County Judicial Race?

I have just received my fourth professionally produced and expensive glossy mailer promoting Judge Kelley Streib for the Butler County Court of Common Pleas.  She’s running against a former state Senator from Butler, and this latest piece is one of those deals with the candidate smiling on one side of the page and the opponent in black and white picking his nose on the other.

It’s a little nasty, but is pretty effective.  Among the list of offenses, Streib cites that our former Senator “[h]as donated more than $32,000 to fellow politicians since 2000–including hety checks for the authors of the ’05 pay raise (AFTER their 34% salary hikes)”

Holy crap.  Streib is going for the throat.  And apparently she knows her audience.
This is a professional campaign with some serious money behind it, and it’s all for a seat on the Common Pleas bench in a still-mostly-farm-country county with not even 200,000 people.

There’s more to this story, and I’d love to know what it is.  Anyone out there who has information, please fill me in.

May 9, 2007 at 7:38 pm
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