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They Call That An Endorsement?

The Patriot News endorsed the Barclay and Gunnison for Commissioner. I suppose everyone is expecting me to comment on it, so I feel obliged to comment. First off, thankfully newspaper endorsements don’t mean much. The Patriot isn’t necessarily interested in picking the candidates that will win, as evidenced from this endorsement.

Second, they gave Eichelberger a pretty strong compliment –

Eichelberger is articulate, knowledgeable about the issues and has a wealth of experience as a former Mechanicsburg Borough councilman, executive director of the West Shore Council of Governments and as a private consultant. He has been deeply involved in bringing performance-based budgeting to county government.

The crazy thing is that they could have just as easily wrote the same thing had they endorsed Gary.

Their assessment of Gunnison wasn’t necessarily all that great.

Gunnison is a graduate of The Dickinson School of Law, who practiced law for eight years before retiring to raise a family. In that role she was involved in her children’s schools and an array of community organizations, including serving on the Board of AAA Central Penn and Modern Transit Partnership, the latter the moving force behind the Corridor One rail transit project.

Here’s the basis of the endorsement: The commissioners have a shared vision and that some controversy would be nice because it sells papers. Here’s the other part of it:

Gunnison also reflects an approach to working regionally that more closely parallels the positions advocated by this newspaper over many years. We remain concerned that Cumberland County no longer participates in the regional tourism and economic development programs. The commissioners insist they had good reason — Cumberland was paying more than its fair share — for withdrawing from these, but we believe there is greater strength in regional unity.

That’s right folks, it’s the same argument that the Gunnison supporters have been making – so what that Cumberland was getting screwed, it’s all about the region. We should be asking to pay more and bow down in worship that we even got scraps from the table from special interests in Harrisburg.

The other amusing part of this “endorsement” was their compliment of Barclay and Rovegno for their vote for a tax increase.

The big problem with this endorsement is what Eichelberger supporters have been arguing all along – Barclay and Eichelberger share the same record for the most part – so why endorse one over the other? That makes no sense.

So here’s the full assessment of the endorsement – they support the candidates that are willing to raise taxes, who are ok with Cumberland getting screwed in the holy name of regionalism, and who bring no experience to the table. What a great endorsement. The Republicans in Cumberland County will see through this, they aren’t stupid.

May 7, 2007 at 7:34 am
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