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Philly Courting Court Closures

Must it always be so dramatic with these f’d up budgets?

Philadelphia’s court system will face a “virtual shutdown” if the cash-strapped city does not get state approval for a sales tax increase and changes to how it makes its pension payments.

That’s according to Mayor Michael Nutter and court officials at a news conference Wednesday.

Philadelphia is facing a $1.4 billion five-year budget deficit.

The city has asked the state to approve a temporary sales tax increase in Philadelphia and allow changes to how the city makes its pension payments.

Without those changes, Nutter says nearly 1,000 police officers and 200 firefighters would be cut.

It’s always cops, firefighters, libraries, schools…. the court is a clever new angle.

I guess if they said, “Edna the hairy-moled clerk at the Coroner’s office is getting a pink slip” nobody would be too outraged.

“Hank at the parking authority is going to have a few days off.”


Philadelphia, run by Democrats TOP to BOTTOM, btw.

August 19, 2009 at 11:27 pm
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