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Lowman Henry on the Commissioners' Race

Here’s what Lowman Henry wrote on the Cumberland County Commissioners’ Race:

Karen Gunnison picked a bad time to run for Cumberland County Commissioner.

Gunnison is Vice Chairperson of the Modern Transit Partnership (MTP), the organization that is attempting to inflict a costly, unworkable and unnecessary light rail transit system on south central Pennsylvania. She is the only pro-choo choo candidate in the Republican Primary. Incumbents Bruce Barclay and Gary Eichelberger along with the lone Democrat on the county board, Rick Rovegno, all foresee the massive tax hikes the project will require and oppose the plan.

Special interests, being what they are, have interfered in the race and secured the Cumberland County GOP endorsement for Gunnison, leaving Eichelberger out in the cold. Despite losing the endorsement, Eichelberger has continued his campaign for re-election.

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April 19, 2007 at 9:12 pm
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