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Casey Under Fire For Keeping Campaign Promise

Prior to the election, Sen. Bobby Casey promised us repeatedly that he would vote against federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.  Now the same Marxist, hate-filled, Legionaries of Satan on the left-side of the blogosphere who voted for Casey are demanding that he break his promise.

Here’s the reprehensible Big Fat Slob incoherently complaining about Casey’s vote:

Bobby Casey Junior, the theocrat from Pennsylvania whose agenda includes advancing the policies of the Roman Catholic Church. …  Too bad theocracy is more dear to Casey than democracy.

It would be a complete waste of time to try to explain to any Marxist, hate-filled Legionary of Satan like the Slob why Catholics oppose embryonic stem cell research, but for those of you who are sane, here’s an explanation:


  • Human embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) is done by destroying human embryos, which according to basic Biology, are human life.  Catholics oppose the destruction of innocent human life and will continue to do so even if the rest of the world starts throwing innocent people into ovens.
  • Proponents of human ESCR say that they want to use embryos which are just going to be thrown away anyway.  Firstly, we Catholics did not consent to the creation of those embryos in the first place; we oppose in vitro fertilization for several reasons, among them being that it produces embryos which are intentionally destroyed. Secondly, the issue is not the legality of ESCR; it’s funding.  If you ESCR folks want research to be done on these embryos, then use your own money.  You seem to think that ESCR is going to cure every disease known to man, so put your own money where your mouth is and stop trying to steal our money.
  • Somehow, in spite of its lack of regulation in other countries like China, ESCR has yet to cure a single human of any disease.  This might be because embryonic stem cells are typically rejected from the test subject due to genetic incompatibility, and often form tumors.
  • We support adult stem cell research (ASCR) which has cured many people.  The latest ASCR news is that using adult stem cells from bone marrow, about a dozen people were apparently cured of Type I Diabetes.  I bet you didn’t hear about that, but if it was ESCR, it would be on page one of every American newspaper.


Catholics oppose research which destroys human life, period.  This is not “theocracy”, unless the Christian opposition to slavery was also theocracy, and the Christian opposition to racial inequality was also theocracy.  The so-called “reality-based” leftists are the ones who seem to have a problem with biological fact which has been established science for 150 years – that life begins at the point of conception.  And a leftist media which constantly and intentionally confuses the two issues of ESCR and ASCR doesn’t help matters.

For example, currently has a web poll up asking the question, “Which phrase best describes your view of stem cell research?”, with the choices “Morally wrong” or “Vital”.  The obvious problem with the question is, what kind of stem cell research are they talking about?

April 11, 2007 at 9:31 pm
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