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Smerconish on Today: “Republican tent is not big enough for guys like me”

Because apparently, the Republican tent is only big enough for “weekly church goers and pro-lifers”–at least according to Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the editor of The Nation. The argument is, that pro-life conservatives are so intolerant, we kick out the non-believers. At least, that’s the common ground (!)Smerconish found with with the Ms. Vanden Heuvel.

It never occurs to folks like these that it is the moderates who are intolerant of the pro-life position. We can all agree on one thing about abortion: there is no common ground to be had on the opposing sides. The position that self-described “moderates” like Smerconish (yes, that’s right, he’s now touting himself as a moderate) are actually taking is that there is no room in the Republican party for pro-lifers, because they’ve bought into the MSM line that it’s a losing issue. This despite the nation’s changing attitude on abortion since the election of the most pro-abortion president in history.

We’ve had moderate Republican candidates jammed down our throats for years, held our collective noses and voted for them, because we have been told repeatedly we must “move to the middle” and because the prospect of the Democratic alternative was so much worse (see: Specter, Arlen and McCain, John.) But now that the grassroots are demanding integrity and adherence to conservative principles, hacks like Smerconish say that Conservatives are intolerant. This is a disingenuous argument, the sole purpose of which is to keep Conservatives demoralized so that they cannot rebuild the party properly.

I understand that the point of a political party is to win elections. But I also understand that there is no point to winning elections if your candidate does not represent your beliefs. I also understand that the party continues to lose elections because they compromise their principles too often, not because they don’t compromise their principles enough.

Smerconish’s argument is the same argument that Arlen Specter used when he switched parties. Nobody is buying it coming from Specter and I doubt many true conservatives will buy it from Smerconish. But if it keeps Smerconish on that shortlist for a “conservative viewpoint” on NBC (the official network of the Obama Administration), well, you can bet he’s going to keep telling them exactly what they want to hear.

May 20, 2009 at 7:40 am
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