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Taking back OUR Seat 124th Legislative District

Here in Schuylkill County and Northern Berks County, we have a special election for the seat formerly held by David Argall in the 124th Legislative District . Did you notice how I said that? I did not say Dave Argalls seat, for that fact I did not say the Republican seat. That seat in the House of Represenitives, as every elected government seat does, belongs to us. I think this is a fact that most people forget, and I know almost every politician has forgotten a long time ago.

Both Republicans and Democrats of Schuylkill County may not feel like we have been given a choice when it comes to electing someone to fill our empty seat. After all the Democrat Party executive committee, choose who they wanted in that seat by secret ballot, and the Republican Party had a committee to choose who they wanted in it. But what about we the people. As a republican I have no wish to see Jerry Knowles sit in that or any other elected seat not as a republican. Jerry had a temper tantrum and left the Democrat party some time ago. He did not change his convictions, or his idealology, at heart he is still a democrat. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) BUT be honest about who your are and what you stand for. I know you may feel that is asking allot for those seeking to serve us in an elected seat. But I do not. It is high time as voters we stop and DEMAND more from our elected officials. The Republicans have chosen for us a Democrat to run as a republican. This is the good ole boy Schuylkill county old school republican leadership trying and tell us who we should support. This opportunity for Knowles was given simply out of arrogance of Dave Argall, in his mind it was his seat to fill and he choose someone who was close to him to do it.

I am no fan of Bill Mackey, he is a democrat, with democrat ideas and convictions. His ideas do not mesh with mine. But at least he is honest about who he is. A democrat running as a democrat. I would rather cast my vote for at least that amount of honesty if there were no other choice.

BUT there is another choice. I do not know much about David G. Frederick other than the fact that he has responded to the concerns that we republicans have had with the process of choosing the candidate for the republicans. He is also in favor of eliminating property taxes. From what I have heard and seen, he is a true down to earth, common sense conservative. Put that all together and he has my vote. Mr. Frederick is a contractor, living in West Penn Township. He has started a WRITE IN Candidacy which will be a tough up hill battle. But I say, we the people should send a message to the GOP Old Guard, that the GOP has a NEW Guard, and it is we the people.

We, BOTH democrats and republicans, need to take back our parties from the arrogant politicians who have held it hostage over the past many years. We need to tell them WE choose who serves us. They cannot force feed us any longer.

If your a republican in Schuylkill County, if for no other reason other than sending the GOP a message, Write In David G. Frederick on this primary day special election. I happen to feel he is the best candidate over all, but if you just want to tell the Schuylkill County and State GOP that WE want a say this is your chance. If you are a Democrat you have a choice as well. Don’t allow your party to choose who is going to serve you. Make your own choice. Start now, you have an option.

May 11, 2009 at 6:11 am
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