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Bush to Speak at St. Vincent

The Tribune-Review reports:

The White House and college officials announced Monday that [President George W.] Bush has accepted St. Vincent’s invitation to speak to nearly 300 graduates at the Unity Township campus May 11

With about 1,800 students, St. Vincent is the smallest of the nonmilitary higher education institutions where Bush has given commencement addresses during his time in office. The president has spoken at one military service academy and one or two colleges and universities during each year of his presidency.

This is great news. St. Vincent and Latrobe can sure use the publicity. The area has been hard hit in recent decades. Of course, there are the usual rabble objecting to Dubya’s presence.

A group of alumni posted an open letter to the president online asking him to decline the invitation to speak at St. Vincent, calling his environmental policies and the war in Iraq counter to the college’s core values. Some current students are opposed as well.

And, of course, St. Vincent is in Murtha’s district. i’m sure his people will be plotting something nasty.

Read about it here.

March 27, 2007 at 3:19 am
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