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Slavery in Greensburg!

Back in the 1940’s my mother and grandmother used to drag me up to Greensburg to visit my Great-Grandmother. She was in her nineties then and as a girl had witnessed the Civil War. To me she was just a nice old lady who gave me and my siblings cookies. Greensburg was a really nice town back then. Things have changed.

From Drudge:

Greensburg, PA: (AP) – A couple and their three teenage children held a woman captive for six months, referring to her as their “slave” as they beat her, forced her to do chores and threatened her life and the lives of her relatives, police said Wednesday.

All five members of the family, ranging in age from 43 to 16, were arrested on charges of kidnapping and making terroristic threats. They had not yet entered pleas Wednesday but denied wrongdoing.

The accuser, Emily Nicely, 19, said she went to live with the family voluntarily but alleges that she had been forced to stay with them since September, authorities said.

Police were called March 10 after a man whose newspaper was delivered by the family reported seeing bruises on the young woman.

“She had injuries on every part of her body,” said police Capt. George Seranko. A hospital examination also revealed that she had a concussion.

Oh my! What would Great Grandma think?

Read the whole thing here.

March 22, 2007 at 6:26 am
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