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PA Candidate updates – #CPAC

I grabbed Bill Russell’s attention for a good minute or so and he confirmed to me that he is running in 2010 with Peg Luksik as his campaign manager.

When I found Russell, he was on the phone with Luksik.  Russell was not prepared to make any statements about whether Luksik was running for office, but grinned and told me to stay tuned.

At the annual PA-centric breakfast (awesome!), another potential Senate candidate I had not previously heard was mentioned – Bill Scranton.  I didn’t get any vibe as to how serious that name was.

In other news from the breakfast, David Keene indicated that CPAC will be moving to a larger venue next year.  Which is really good because I’m sick of tripping over students and not getting into events.

February 28, 2009 at 2:18 pm
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