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Crawford County Dems hopeful of return to power

In other news; hell may be about to freeze over.

An interesting, if not delusional, article on the chances of Crawford County Democrats to take seats from the Republicans in this Republican stronghold.

If there was a year that they could effect change in Harrisburg this was it.

They had a State Senator in leadership who voted for the payraise, a good and decent man by the name of Bob Robbins(R-50.) They had two open State House seats. The first was the 6th legislative district, in which newcomer Brad Roae defeated incumbent Representative Teresa Forcier in the may primary. The second was the 17th legislative district in which incumbent representative, Rod Wilt(R), withdrew his name from the ballot in June to spend time with his family. Michele Brooks, the minority Mercer County Commissioner, was chosen by a party committee to fill the ballot slot. The 17th legislative district includes parts of Crawford, Mercer and Lawrence Counties.

Robbins ran against Art Allen, Roae ran against Keith Abbott, and Brooks ran against Frank Weaver. With the exception of the Roae vs. Abbott contest it was an intensely negative campaign that was run by the Democratic camps.

Roae won easily, a reflection of the partisan tilt in his district. Brooks and Robbins were in much tighter races.

Crawford County Dems didn’t have to make margins of victories for their candidates. Alls they had to do was to limit the margin of victories for Brooks and Robbins. Both Robbins and Brooks lost their home county of Mercer. In the end though, Crawford County delivered margins that were significant enough for both Brooks and Robbins to be elected to their respective seats. All three of these candidates are hard workers and among the most decent and honest people I’ve known in politics and I wish them the best as they go to Harrisburg.

Crawford County Democrats will not get such an appealing landscape to run in again like they had in 2006. If they couldn’t get the job done this year it only gets tougher from here on out.

(Note: Crawford and Mercer Counties were part of the region I worked in for Santorum 2006) 



December 7, 2006 at 11:56 am
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