Paul Ryan in Pittsburgh on Tuesday

Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be in Carnegie, on Tuesday, August 21. His stop in Carnegie, or, as Joe Biden would say, Los Angeles, is open to the public.

Doors open at 9:00 am, and the event is free. Register here for your tickets.

Incidentally, the Romney campaign is managing all their events through Eventbrite. You can purchase and reserve tickets online and they have an app for your iPhone.

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Voter ID Law Goes Forward

I know it’s going to the PA Supreme Court, but a win’s a win.

A Commonwealth Court judge today refused to halt the state’s photo ID requirement to be used for the first time in the November election, saying he believes it will be administered by the state “in a non-partisan, even-handed way.”

Judge Robert Simpson turned down a bid by individuals and groups such as the NAACP and the League of Women Voters to block use of the law. Simpson also said it appears unlikely the petitioners will prevail on merit in challenging the overall law.

Those seeking the injunction did not establish that “disenfranchisement was immediate or inevitable,” Simpson said.

Yeah, we’ve all heard all the arguments for and against by now, but the US Supreme Court has already ruled that voter ID laws like the one that PA’s was based on are constitutional. So can’t we just get this wrapped up by November?

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Romney/Ryan–Time for Conservatives to Put Up or Shut Up

Blogging has been light recently, by which I mean nonexistent. Sorry about that. If you don’t count the Penn State scandal, the most beautiful rant ever ranted on the House floor courtesy of Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA), or any of the insane crap that goes on daily in PA, it’s been a pretty boring month.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about finally seeing what conservatives are made of. By picking Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mittens has called our bluff. All throughout the primaries we pissed and moaned and whined about our choices for President, and some of us (predictably) said they’d stay home because they were looking for Ronald Reagan and there was nothing Reaganesque about our candidates!

Give me a freaking break.

You can say what you want about Mitt, but Paul Ryan’s conservative credentials are second to none. More than that, he has real ideas that will actually accomplish the goals that we conservatives say we want: fiscal restraint, less government, and substantive entitlement reform. We should be dancing in the streets about this, but instead we get this crap from one of the most influential blogs on the right.

So if you’re a conservative, my question to you is this: What’s it going to be? The Reagan Moment is here. Are you going to get out and work to make it a reality, or are you going to complain about how it isn’t quite the moment you were looking for and just complain instead? More importantly, what will the conservative movement do–seize the day or take a pass? Are we going to put up or shut up?

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