Obama Comes to Philadelphia — Protests Break Out

From NBC:

Both supporters and protesters alike lined up on Broad Street to see the President as he made his way into the Bellevue.

A coalition of immigration activists demonstrated outside the Hyatt. Organizers wanted to urge Pres. Obama to support the Dream Act and move forward on immigration reform proposals.

The Independence Hall Tea Party¬†had an “impromptu ‘Fire Obama’ press conference” outside the center city hotel.

“We would like to ask the President — ‘Where are all the jobs?'” said Association President, Teri Adams.

Members of the Independence Hall Tea Party, Delaware County Patriots, and others also spoke.

See the whole thing here.

Supposedly Obama’s fundraising efforts are not producing as much revenue as expected, and protests are beginning to appear. This next election is not going to be a replay of 2008.


July 1, 2011 at 11:58 am Comments (0)

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