NRLC Stirs Up Hornet’s Nest

The National Right to Life Committee held a convention in Pittsburgh recently, so it goes without saying that angry pro-aborts wrote letters into the PG:

I’m commenting on Ann Rodgers’ June 26 article about Wanda Franz, president of the National Right to Life Committee (“Retired Educator Has Spent 20 Years Battling Abortion,” June 26). The National Right to Life Committee is a conservative organization

Really? NRLC supports lower taxes and strong national defense? NRLC is not “conservative”. It supports all pro-life causes and that’s it.

founded in the early 1970s by a group of extremist Catholic bishops

While the mental imagery of a bunch of gun-toting terrorist bishops is amusing, sad to say, NRLC was not founded by Catholic clergy, gun-toting or otherwise. In response to the Roe v. Wade atrocity, numerous state pro-life groups started to be formed by Americans. The various state groups eventually combined into the NRLC.

in response to growing public support for women’s reproductive freedom.

Actually, NRLC formed due to an imaginary right to kill your children being “found” hidden in a penumbra from the US Constitution by seven unelected “Justices”.

Its members are predominantly from male-dominated conservative Catholic and Protestant denominations.

I wasn’t aware that only men are capable of supporting the right of innocent humans to live.

Its main purpose is to recriminalize medically safe abortion.

Actually, we want to recriminalize abortion in general, regardless of how medically safe it is, because when done correctly, it always results in the death of a human being.

I found much of what Ms. Franz had to say deeply disturbing and hypocritical — especially coming from a psychology professor and a woman.

Because only men can oppose killing innocent humans!

It’s unconscionable for anyone to compare the Holocaust with women’s reproductive freedom!

Is that because only about 10 million Jews and Catholics died in the Holocaust, while considerably more people have died from abortions?

Women and doctors who respect women’s moral authority aren’t Nazis.

Only if they aren’t supporters of national socialism.

Women’s lives, circumstances and conscience actually matter.

I agree; the lives of unborn women actually matter.

The 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized medically safe abortion was a milestone for women’s equality.

Except for unborn women.

I remember the days of the Underground Railroad for women. Just as some folks today deny the Holocaust ever happened, NRLC too denies the tragic plight of women before Roe v. Wade.

NRLC does not deny that women have been forced into killing their children. And the irony is not lost that now, there are women who fight tooth and nail to ensure that more children are killed.

The so-called “partial birth abortion” ban was a political scam used to sensationalize a rare alternative medical procedure used to protect the health and life of the mother.

Except that suctioning your unborn baby’s brains out is never medically necessary.

This ban will never save one fetus!

Then why are you concerned about it?

I believe abortion is a moral option between a woman and her faith or conscience.

Taking an innocent life is taking an innocent life, whether you “choose” to acknowledge it or not.

From experience I know women don’t take their decisions lightly.

Aside from a few insane liberals, women don’t abort because they have “choice” – they abort because they feel that they have no choice. Often it’s because their boyfriend or husband either abandoned them or commanded them to get an abortion. How “feminist” to have no choice but to destroy your offspring on the whim of a man.

Wanda Franz will continue to defend the patriarchy and its oppression of women because she doesn’t know any better.

Sue Amos will continue to defend child murder and its slaughter of innocents because she doesn’t know any better.

To do otherwise would require her to examine her own “inner patriarch.”

And she says it once again – only men care about protecting the innocent! What a scandal.

Morgantown, W.Va.

The writer is a member of the National Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

For Jesus but against babies. The very definition of “perverse”. Do not look for Christ in the finery of a clerical robe; look for him in the face of that tiny baby you said “No” to. The tiny baby who you told that he was not wanted or welcome. The tiny baby who you killed. Your ideological progenitor is not Hitler; it is King Herod. It is the Pharaoh of Egypt.

While I would rather that people like Wanda Franz not get the attention they crave (“Retired Educator Has Spent 20 Years Battling Abortion,” June 26), I recognize that the National Right to Life Committee’s gathering in Pittsburgh is news. Your paper was right to cover it and also correct to send your religion reporter, Ann Rodgers, since the activities of this group are not so much political as they are an improper interference of religion in politics.

The previous letter writer claimed that only men can care about innocent human life. This one tells us that only religious people can do so. Oddly enough, NRLC is not a religious organization. What it is is a pro-life organization.

Furthermore, the irony is no doubt lost on the PG that they published a letter from a “religious” pro-abortion woman and followed it with a letter from a secularist pro-abortion man, bemoaning the fact that religious people are involved in politics.

That said, I must object to the statement that Ms. Franz’s group “does much of the legislative heavy lifting for opponents of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia.” In fact, everyone is opposed to infanticide, which is why it has always been illegal.

You would think that everyone would be against infanticide, but Barack Obama supports it. That’s why as a member of the Illinois State Senate he voted against hte Born Alive Infant Protection Act which would prevent babies who survive abortions from being the victims of infanticide.

Grouping abortion with infanticide

Inside the womb and outside the womb. It is like the difference between vehicular homicide and murder with a pistol.

— and lumping the difficult issues of assisted suicide and living wills under the umbrella of “euthanasia,” as if these were the same as Nazi Germany’s massacres of people with disabilities — are both insidious attempts by the Right to Life Committee to draw a moral equivalence between these practices that does not exist.

How we delight in pretending that the Nazis somehow exist outside of our reality; we could never be like them! Sure.

To enable this rhetorical trick is to confer on this group a legitimacy that it does not deserve.


“Choice” is a rhetorical trick. “Yes We Can” is a rhetorical trick. NRLC is for innocent life. That’s it.

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Re: Black Panthers

Megyn Kelly of FNC interviewed J. Christian Adams, former Justice Department Lawyer, about the Black Panther Party:

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Iowahawk, the funniest guy on the internet, claims to have a copy of the Journolist [the chat room founded for liberal journalists so they could coordinate their efforts to spin news stories] posts. To explain the title: Andrew Breitbart has offered $100,000 for the posts and Ann Althouse has promised to write a book about them.

Here’s a sample:

I’ll Take a Cashier’s Check, Mr. Breitbart

[Background Reference]

Welcome to the Journolist Top Secret Progressive He-Man Wingnut Haters Club and L33t H4xoR Chat Room. Disclaimer: this is a private discussion forum intended solely for the benefit of JournoList members. Reproduction, transmission, redistribution, or description, in whole or in part, of any content (including, but not limited to, private insults, insider innuendo, political manifestos, hair styling tips and/or gossip) without the expressed written consent of the commissioner is strictly prohibited. Please read and agree to the User Consent Form. And, as always, remember the first rule of JournoList: there is no JournoList.

EZRA KLEIN has entered the room.
MATTHEW YGLESIAS has entered the room.
ERIC BOEHLERT has entered the room.

JOSH MARSHALL has entered the room.

EZRA KLEIN: wassup


JOSH MARSHALL:¬†lolz!!! ūüėÄ

EZRA KLEIN: hahahahahaha

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: whos got assignmt for 1st period talking points for tomorrow

JOSH MARSHALL: boehlert was supposed to get them from Mr Soros

Read the whole thing here. Like almost everything else Dave Bruge writes, it’s hilarious.

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Black Panther Party Intimidation

The Weekly Standard has a new story posted about the case….

The case is straightforward. On Election Day 2008, two members of the New Black Panther party (NBPP) dressed in military garb were captured on videotape at a Philadelphia polling place spouting racial epithets and menacing voters. One, Minister King Samir Shabazz, wielded a nightstick. It was a textbook case of voter intimidation and clearly covered under the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

A Department of Justice trial team was assigned to investigate. They gathered affidavits from witnesses‚ÄĒone of the poll watchers was called a ‚Äúwhite devil‚ÄĚ and a ‚Äúcracker.‚ÄĚ A Panther told him he would be ‚Äúruled by the black man.‚ÄĚ The trial team, all career Justice attorneys and headed by voting section chief Chris Coates, filed a case against the two Panthers caught on tape. Malik Zulu Shabazz, head of the national NBPP, and the party itself were also named based on evidence the party had planned the deployment of 300 members on Election Day and on statements after the incident in which the NBPP endorsed the intimidation at the Philadelphia polling station.

The trial team quickly obtained a default judgment‚ÄĒmeaning it had won the case because the New Black Panther party failed to defend itself. Yet in May 2009, Obama Justice Department lawyers, appointed temporarily to fill top positions in the civil rights division, ordered the case against the NBPP dismissed. An administration that has pledged itself to stepping-up civil rights enforcement dropped the case and, for over a year, has prevented the trial team lawyers from telling their story.

Lots of inside baseball here. It’s long, so grab a cup of coffee and read it all.

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Re: Philadelphia Sanctuary

I heard Deputy Mayor Everett Gillen on the Laura Ingraham show this morning.

He actually blamed George Bush and his ICE department.

It was embarrassing.

He didn’t have much to add other than “it’s not the city’s job to do immigration enforcement.”

So I scored it as a victory for states rights and federalism. I just look forward to the city’s next assertion of the separation of powers.

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Philadelphia is expected to end the arrangement that permits federal immigration agents to scrutinize the city’s computerized list of arrests, including country of origin and other data, Everett Gillison, the deputy mayor for public safety, said Sunday.




Immigrant advocates say the year-old agreement between the city and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, known as ICE, has resulted in deportation proceedings against immigrants arrested on even minor charges. Under the agreement, ICE agents can routinely access the city’s Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (PARS). That agreement is up for renewal on Thursday.

“It is the mayor’s view that the PARS agreement should not be extended,” Gillison said, speaking at a South Philadelphia church meeting attended by more than 300 immigrants and their supporters. LINK

My good friend Wyatt beat me to the punch on this one but great minds think alike. In this case we are in lock step agreement. Philadelphia’s liberal Democrat Mayor Michael Nutter has just thrown every single law-abiding citizen of Philadelphia (what few we have left) under a bus fit for Barack Obama to drive. In fact he is taking a page right out of the anointed ones play book. The Democrats not only condone illegal immigration in direct violation of our nations laws they actively promote it as in this case. Most laws are meant to have a deterrent effect. By openly announcing you won’t be enforcing a law you are advocating for its violation. It’s that simple.

Philadelphia is a poor city (even though it shouldn’t be). It’s poor mostly because¬†of the policies of the Democrat party that is firmly entrenched here and has been for a couple of generations now. It’s¬†poor because of gross mismanagement, waste, fraud, abuse,¬†corruption, patronage and all the other usual crimes of bad government. In short the Democrat party’s political platform.

Philadelphia’s unemployment hovers around 11% with the real numbers probably much higher. Somehow Mayor Nutter thinks opening the doors and inviting thousands more illegal aliens to join the labor pool of unemployed workers is a good thing. The city can’t pay its current bills now. City workers are vilified for fat contracts and lavish lifestyles when in reality it’s the insane policies of our city government that’s responsible for the¬† perpetual fiscal and social¬†instability we live with. For example: recently it was announced that our police would no longer respond to the scene of minor traffic accidents. This policy will effectively allow thousands of drunk drivers and people driving without a license, registration or insurance to continue to flaunt our laws. When a law-abiding citizen get’s hit by a drunk illegal alien with no license, registration or insurance they are shit outta luck. The driver simply walks away and you are left holding the bag. It is enough to make you sick.

An unrestricted influx of illegal immigrants will only have further devastating effects on a city currently on the brink. The demand for social services (an area that is a core source of fiscal instability) will increase. Hospitals, courts and schools will be forced to absorb the associated, unreimbursed expenses they generate. Crime will increase. The demands placed on city departments like police, fire and EMS will also increase at a time the city is enacting draconian cuts.

We will continue our death spiral until Philadelphia passes the point of no return like Detroit and¬†Camden. Chicago is currently in an uncontrolled death spiral. Just watch them crash and burn and you will see what’s in store for us. This is exactly what is happening in Arizona and they are sick and tired of it. The difference is that Arizona has a Governor with the courage to stand up to Washington and say “Enough is enough. Either you fix the problem or we will do it ourselves”. Kudos to Gov. Jan Brewer.

The policies of Philadelphia and other Democrat controlled American cities are undeniable failures. They are vividly apparent in failed city after failed city. It amazes me how much of this insanity the average American will tolerate. I also wonder for how long.

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Philly to Stop Sharing Immigration Status with Feds

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to stay for free.

Philadelphia is expected to end the arrangement that permits federal immigration agents to scrutinize the city’s computerized list of arrests, including country of origin and other data, Everett Gillison, the deputy mayor for public safety, said Sunday.

Immigrant advocates say the year-old agreement between the city and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, known as ICE, has resulted in deportation proceedings against immigrants arrested on even minor charges. Under the agreement, ICE agents can routinely access the city’s Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (PARS). That agreement is up for renewal on Thursday.

“It is the mayor’s view that the PARS agreement should not be extended,” Gillison said, speaking at a South Philadelphia church meeting attended by more than 300 immigrants and their supporters.

He said there would be a formal announcement of the city’s position in the coming week, probably on Friday.

Mayor Nutter has expressed concern about the human rights of all immigrants, regardless of their legal status.

Left unremarked are the human rights of the victims of the crimes that the illegal immigrants have committed.

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Clinging to Our Bibles, Guns, and SARAH

A Public Policy Poll of Republican Pennsylvanians shows Sarah Palin with a slight lead when asked who they would would vote for in the 2012 Republican Primary.

Palin got the support of 24% of Republicans in the poll, Newt Gingrich 23%, Mike Huckabee 20%, Mitt Romney 16%, Ron Paul 11%, and 6% were undecided.

Oddly enough, Palin’s support is strongest among self-described liberal Republicans. So while some of us who cling to our Bibles and guns love SARAH, others might be supporting her because they know she probably can’t win a national election. In other words, liberal “Republicans” attempting to sabotage the Republican ticket. Or, in a less cynical vein, perhaps they simply support her because she’s a woman?

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Bizzarre Foods: Pa Dutch Country

I guess Upper Montgomery County counts too.

The historic Antes House in the township was recently the setting for the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” program with host Andrew Zimmern.

Zimmern arrived at the national historic site on Colonial Road in a horse-drawn wagon, signifying his visit back in time to savor a sampling of traditional Pennsylvania German fare ‚ÄĒ stuffed pig’s stomach, fried eel, “zitterli” or souse, and “yudda kasha” or ground cherry pie.

Traveling around the globe to taste the culinary specialties of each culture, Zimmern has visited more than 68 countries, eating everything from sautéed fruit bats to dung beetles to roasted sheep brains.

“One man’s weird is another man’s wonderful,” Zimmern said when asked about his travels and food experiences. “This food may not seem that strange to you and people in this area, but to a Samoan that eats fruit bats, this is some bizarre food.”

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A Tale of Three Generals – Shinseki, Petraeus, & McChrystal

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says that Obama was wise to do away with General Stanley McChrystal:

Mr. Obama’s swift decision to remove Gen. Stanley McChrystal as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan was the right one. In this democratic republic, generals report to the president, not the other way around — a fact of American life that President Harry S. Truman made clear to Gen. Douglas MacArthur almost 60 years ago.

In this fresh challenge to presidential authority, Gen. McChrystal left the president with little choice but to relieve him. “The Runaway General,” so titled in the Rolling Stone article, had to be corralled. Through his recklessness, arrogance and naivete about the effect of his rash criticism of top officials, Gen. McChrystal challenged the principle of civilian control of the military. More unforgivably, he also sowed divisiveness and mistrust at the highest levels of leadership in a time of war.

Interesting. Anyone remember General Eric Shinseki? He famously clashed with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld:

Rumsfeld and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz criticized the Army’s chief of staff, Gen. Eric Shinseki, after Shinseki told Congress in February that the occupation could require “several hundred thousand troops.” Wolfowitz called Shinseki’s estimate “wildly off the mark.”

Senator John Kerry, a presidential candidate at the time, led the left in defending Gen. Shinseki:

Gen. Shinseki, the Army chief of staff, told him he was going to need several hundred thousand [troops in Iraq]. And guess what? They retired Gen. Shinseki for telling him that. This president hasn’t listened.

Now consider the third general, General David Petraeus. In 2007, Gen. Petraeus was viewed by the left as Bush’s stooge. Senator Hillary Clinton told him that his Iraq War testimony before Congress required the “willing suspension of disbelief”.

Now, Obama has dumped McChrystal and decided to put Petraeus in his place. According to the leftist media, this was a “brilliant” move by Obama. Brilliant? once referred to this man as “General Betray Us”, and now the left says that it’s “brilliant” for Obama to give him McChrystal’s job.

In fact, some leftists are even going so far as to try and claim that McChrystal is somehow’s Bush’s general while Petraeus isn’t. Like Ed Schultz, who stated that Obama’s general McChrystal was “another problem [President Obama] inherited from the Bush administration.”

All of this goes to prove what I’ve said for years – everything is politicized. The liberal media will bash a Republican for doing something and praise a Democrat for doing the exact same thing. It’s great when Shinseki disagrees with his civilian command and terrible when he is fired, but the reverse is true with McChrystal. Why? Because Shinseki criticized a Republican and McChrystal criticized a Democrat. When Petraeus is Bush’s general, he’s a mindless puppet; when Petraeus is Obama’s general, he’s a great choice. Why? Because Bush has a letter “R” after his name and Obama has a letter “D” after his name.

I would say that the media thinks that we’re stupid, but apparently we are stupid. Who challenges the media on this kind of nonsense? Nobody but a few tiny pockets of conservative organizations who are dismissed as fringe groups.

Every day, the media proves more and more that they can get away with publishing anything, no matter how outlandish and obviously false it is. Take this story in the UK Telegraph in which a scholar claims that Jesus didn’t die on a cross:


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