Re: Pittsburgh Bridge Trolls?

My response to the charge that Pittsburgh women are ugly is simply a photo of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Pens Patrol:

And also, RS McCain looks like he could be Arlen Specter’s little brother.

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RS McCain

For those of you who wondered about what Robert Stacey McCain looks like, here’s a picture.


Have at him.

Here’s his blog:

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Pa-Sen 24: Rendell Wants to Disenfranchise You

No, really.

If Governor Rendell gets his way, if you live in the 24th Senatorial District, you will have no representation in the Pa Senate.

Rendell and other Democrats screamed that the special election would be a waste of money, particularly when Pennsylvania faces huge budget problems. The vote to fill the seat could take place during the general election, just five weeks later on Nov. 3, they argued.

A special election in Wonderling’s district – which includes parts of Bucks, Montgomery, Northampton and Lehigh Counties – would cost Pennsylvania between $250,000 and $375,000, Secretary of State Pedro Cortes said, calling the expense unnecessary. Rendell, in a letter to Scarnati, put the cost at “nearly $400,000.”

“I am particularly confused about your willingness to spend almost $400,000 of the taxpayers’ money when you have publicly demanded cuts to every facet of the state budget regardless of the public benefit they provide,” Rendell wrote.

Rendell made his letter available to reporters. Then, at a news conference in the Capitol, he called the Republican position hypocritical.

It’s quite obvious that the Democrats are stunningly unprepared and can’t find anyone to face Republican Bob Mensch.

Democrats said it appeared that Republicans believe they will gain a political advantage by having the election on a day when fewer voters might notice.

Marcel Groen, the Democratic leader in Montgomery County, said the GOP might be counting on the axiom that Republican voters turn out in higher percentages than Democratic voters in a low-profile election. “They made the calculation that their chances of winning are greater,” Groen said.

Scarnati’s motivation for setting the date was not political, said Erik Arneson, a spokesman for the Senate Republicans.

“We felt it was important for the residents of that district to be represented,” he said.

Given the slow pace of budget negotiations, he said, it is likely that legislators will cast important votes between Sept. 29 and the November election.

“I don’t know why people who want to support a Democratic candidate would be less likely to come out on a Tuesday in September than the people who want to support a Republican candidate,” Arneson said.

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Black Panthers & the Obama Justice Department

Remember the Black Panthers that were intimidating voters at a Philly polling place?

The court case against them was dropped recently…. the Washington Times found out why.

Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, the No. 3 official in the Obama Justice Department, was consulted and ultimately approved a decision in May to reverse course and drop a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party of intimidating voters in Philadelphia during November’s election, according to interviews.

The department’s career lawyers in the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division who pursued the complaint for five months had recommended that Justice seek sanctions against the party and three of its members after the government had already won a default judgment in federal court against the men.

Front-line lawyers were in the final stages of completing that work when they were unexpectedly told by their superiors in late April to seek a delay after a meeting between political appointees and career supervisors, according to federal records and interviews.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009 @ 3:00 pm
Town Hall Meeting on Health Reform with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
National Constitution Center
525 Arch Street, Independence Mall
Philadelphia, PA 19106

I got an e-mail from this vermin of a politician today. Arlen Specter will be in Philadelphia this Sunday for a town hall meeting. It’s not well publicized I guess because he wants to hide from the citizens of the Commonwealth as much as possible. This is a chance to show up and give Benedict Arlen a piece of your mind on the pending Obama administration initiatives like government health care, cap and tax and all the other nonsense their trying to push on us. Maybe the Tea Party crowd can mobilize in time to show up. (Un)fortunately I’ll be on a plane by then. Pass the word!

For those interested here are his other upcoming appearances:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 @ 9:30am
HACC – Lebanon Campus, Multipurpose Room
735 Cumberland Street
Lebanon, PA 17042

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 @ 3:45pm
Bucknell University, Trout Auditorium
701 Moore Avenue
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 @ 8:30am
The Penn Stater, President’s Hall 4
215 Innovation Boulevard
State College, PA 16803-6603

Thursday, August 13, 2009 @ 3:00 pm
Belmont Complex
415 Butler Road
Kittanning, PA 16201

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Cry “Havoc!” and Let Slip the Blogs of War!

Robert Stacey McCain has declared war on all the denizens of Pittsylvania Country. Here’s the relevant comment:

Even among Pennsylvanians — who have foisted upon an unwilling world a disproportionate number of those heinous women known locally as “Pittsburgh Bridge Trolls” — there is this common saying: “Just because she’s ugly, doesn’t necessarily mean she’s from West Virginia.”

Read the whole thing here.

Anybody care to respond?

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Justice is served on the SRT

Risa Vetri-Ferman is the D.A. of Montgomery County. She has also been very willing to address my questions about the shooting the Schuykill River Bike Trail last week.

To recap, on July 22, Joseph DePaul was riding his bike on the Schuykill River Trail in Plymouth Township. He was approached by a couple of kids, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, who then kicked him in the ribs. DePaul, who had been a vicitm of a similar crime previously, was armed. He pulled his weapon and fired six shots at the retreating juveniles, hitting the bike tire of the 17-year-old’s bike.

Though DePaul had a permit for the gun, he was initially charged with criminal attempt at murder, criminal attempt at voluntary manslaughter, aggravated assault and related offenses and was held in Montgomery County Prison on $250,000 cash bail.

DePaul’s bail was reduced over the weekend and on Monday, D.A. Ferman held a press conference on Monday, revealing that the county’s investigation had uncovered a “bike chop shop” apparently being run by the 17-year-old SRT rib kicker out of his basement. His bike of choice? Mongoose. DePaul’s bike? Mongoose.

Since the press, having already succeeded in driving up the anti-gun hysteria over a man shooting at two unarmed kids on the trail, has since been distracted from the original story by the discovery of the chop shop, I wanted to know what happened to DePaul. D.A. Ferman was happy to fill in the blanks:

I directed that the original complaint charging attempt murder, etc. againt Depaul be withdrawn today. That was done. Depaul will be charged tomorrow with recklessly endageringly another person. This is a misdemeanor. In my judgement, the REAP charge best fits the circumstances here where the man recklessly fired multiple shots towards a fleeing target 200-250 feet away in a location where other people could have easily been hit. Depaul could very easily have shot and killed a totally innocent bystander on the trail by his actions that night.

IMHO, this seems appropriate and fair. While many of us can certainly sympathize, and even understand DePaul’s reaction, I think we can all agree that DePaul over-reacted; he was in no immediate danger when he fired off the rounds–after all the two yutes were retreating. Ferman continues:

This is the practical problem we face right now on the trail; how do we handle citizens exercising their constitutional right to bear arms and protect themselves who either (a) do so recklessly and endanger the lives of other innocent people, or (b) are not legally justified in using deadly force. There is no bright line test or answer. We will have to evaluate each situation like this on a case by case basis, review the specific facts, apply the law, and decide what is right and fair under the circumstances. Bottom line, we have to do the right thing in each case.

In this case, justice was served. And hopefully other would-be SRT thugs are paying attention.

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Roundup: High Content Edition

Or, “higher” content anyway…

(1) Sn’Arlen and Sebelius are having an Obamacare town hall meeting in Philly, Aug 2, at the Constitution Center.  Go give him a piece of your mind, Philly folks.

(2) Speaking of ObamaCare, here’s a great video:

Abortions, yes. Grandpa’s surgery, not so much.

As Ace said, hit ’em with both barrels.

(3) I have to think this kills the idea of a Corbett-Meehan ticket —  Good news / bad news from Gerlach’s internal polling.  (via PA2010 – do those guys ever sleep?) Corbett starts with a lead of 39% to Gerlach’s 11% and Meehan’s 7%.  The “informed” ballot has Gerlach at 52% to Corbett’s 19% and Meehan’s 8%.

Whether you take this at face value or not, it’s clear that Corbett’s support is not terribly deep, largely due to the fact that he’s a prosecutor and doesn’t have broad policy experience.

So, what’s the wisdom of Corbett-Meehan if they’re both prosecutors and nobody really knows who Meehan is even in his own region?

Corbett-Gerlach?  (Gerlach-Corbett???)

(4) Nate Benefield somehow manages to work a Star Wars analogy into the Harley-Davidson corporate welfare “deal”.  Pray they do not alter the deal further.

(5) Here’s your bit of brain-rot / “Weird PA” : 33-year old Pennsylvania woman Amy Wolfe wants to marry a Knoebel’s roller coaster, and has strong… eh… intimate feelings about it.

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China Pictures

For the past couple of months I have been posting pictures of China on my other blog, “Light Seeking Light”. These were mostly for the benefit of people who were on the trip with me, but if any of you are interested hop on over and check them out here and here. There are a lot of them, interspersed with other material, so scroll down to see them all.

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The Latest Scoop on State Budget Negotiations

Written by Roberta Biros

(I know, the title is a shameless pun on my favorite food group, but I just couldn’t resist.)

While it seems like nothing is happening in Harrisburg in regards to the budget, there may be more going on than meets the eye. Based on information from various sources, I wanted to share ‘the latest scoop’ with all of you . . .

Earlier this week, a conference committee was assembled to hammer out the details of the State Budget. Multiple sources have told me, however, that things are not going very well in that venue. Both sides appear to be digging in for a long and private battle. Although the House calendar was originally set up for this week, State Representatives were sent home for the week to ‘sit and wait’ (although they remain ‘on call’ should a vote be required). While both sides (Democrats and Republicans) are trying to put a shiny face on the on-going debate, honest personal opinions of lawmakers are seemingly less optimistic.

Public (official) comments by Mercer County Representatives seem to be all over the board. YouTube video releases from Representative Dick Stevenson and Representative Michele Brooks make simple and basic comments regarding the budget negotiations, but they provide few details about the process itself.

Representative Dick Stevenson simply stands firm on his opinions about no increase in the Personal Income Tax (PIT). WATCH VIDEO HERE

Representative Michele Brooks supports the stand of conservative conference committee members. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

Representative Kathy Rapp, on the other hand, tries to ‘sound’ optimistic, but it doesn’t take a body language expert to realize that she may not completely believe what she is saying. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

A YouTube video released by Representative Jim Cox today talks about a new ‘openness and transparency’ in the process, but taxpayers are not yet on the receiving end of that outpouring of information. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

Newspaper reports earlier this week stated that Governor Rendell might be looking for ways to push through some sort of funding for State Workers’ salaries that would get us through the impasse, but the latest news explains that the Governor may simply encourage House Democrats to approve the Senate Budget early next week so that he (the Governor) can simply trim down the Senate Budget through line-item-veto capabilities. (read the full story HERE). It all makes me just a little nervous because it seems like we are all being set up for some sort of ‘magic trick’ or something. It seems very odd that the Governor would now (and very suddenly) consider the Senate Budget Bill that has been available since early May. It makes you wonder why he has waited almost three months to consider such a move.

Although I’d much rather see a good solid budget worked out and agreed to by both sides, Pennsylvania lawmakers may be in a bit of a twist if something isn’t done soon. State Workers are going unpaid, and taxpayers are getting angry and frustrated. The inability of lawmakers to come together for the common good of the commonwealth has state residents scratching their heads and wondering . . . “what are they getting paid for?”

So . . . while the news regarding budget negotiations is sparse, you better believe that there is a whole lot of game playing going on right now that we are simply not completely aware of.

That is the latest ‘scoop’ as I see it.


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