Yeah! Police State!

Your papers please sir.

When Bonnie Sweeten fled to Florida with her 9-year-old daughter, using the driver’s license of a friend to get through airport security, did the airline or document checkers at Philadelphia International Airport drop the ball?

The FBI and the Transportation Security Administration, whose job is checking passengers’ government-issued IDs, say no.

Sweeten had a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license with a photo that closely resembled her.

“It was a real driver’s license, so it had all the security features that a real driver’s license has,” FBI Special Agent J.J. Klaver said.

Just what we need in this country.

TSA losers checking everyone to see they’re not the subject of an amber alert. The lines aren’t quite long enough…. and our civil liberties aren’t infringed enough… now someone wants to check if we’re allowed to travel.

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Let’s Just Let Judges and the Governor Appoint Government Officials

Written by Roberta Biros

The 2009 Primary Elections in Mercer County, Pennsylvania were not particularly exciting. In Countywide races, ALL candidates ran unopposed on their own tickets, and most ran unopposed on BOTH tickets. The results of Primary voting in countywide races determined three candidates that will run completely unopposed in November (County Controller, Jury Commissioner-D, and Jury Commissioner-R). Only one race will carry over to the November General Election . . . that being the race for County Treasurer.

This year in Mercer County we also had the delight of selecting candidates for three Magisterial Districts in our fine County. In races for District Judge, candidates had the ability to run on both Primary tickets. In most cases, they did. When the final votes were counted, the winners from the Democratic ticket and the Republican ticket in each district were the SAME candidate in all three races. In essence (and at this point), the candidates will all be running against themselves in the November General Election (District 35-2-01 Judge: Dennis Songer (D) vs. Dennis Songer (R); District 35-3-02 Judge: Neil McEwin (D) vs. Neil McEwin (R); and District 35-3-03 Judge: Brian Arthur (D) vs. Brian Arthur (R)].

[you can read a complete summary of the 2009 Primary for Mercer County HERE]

It is true that the results of the election were unexciting, and it leaves the prospect of turnout for General Election to be drastically low. However, the election process “is what it is”. It is an established procedure that is clearly outlined and enforced to ensure “a fair election process”. There are specific rules in place for “running for office” [read the document provided by the State of Pennsylvania HERE], and there is an Election Calendar that is followed to the letter by the Elections Bureau [read the full calendar as published by the State of Pennsylvania HERE]. These standards were put in place to guarantee a fair and open election process.

It seems that those in power in Mercer County feel that the election process simply isn’t important any more. According to an article in The Herald this morning [READ HERE], Mercer County President Judge Francis Fornelli wants to just skip the legal election process in Mercer County and jump ahead by simply appointing the District Judges (since they have apparently “already won” their elections). The Herald states “Fornelli has been in touch with our county’s state representatives and the county chairmen of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Fornelli is hopeful they can help push Rendell to make the appointments and lighten the heavy load on our area.”

Well then . . . why don’t we just call the election now in ALL of the races? The District Judges have already APPARENTLY won their races . . . the Controller and Jury Commissioners are running unopposed . . . and the incumbent Treasurer figures that she has this one in the bag too. Why not just let Governor Rendell call ALL of the races now and skip the “unnecessary” semantics and “worthless” gyrations and effort of a General Election completely!

Why not? Allow me to explain . . . because it isn’t for the Governor to appoint “elected officials”. That is the job of the VOTERS. According to the established procedures for elections, the “game isn’t over until the fat lady sings” . . . and I’m NOT SINGIN’! If you look closely at the election rules and calendar, there is a process in place where candidates are determined for the Republican and Democratic tickets through the Primary Election, but the FINAL decision is made in November during the General Election. Between the time of the Primary and the General Elections, changes can be made, candidates can change (through withdrawals and party appointments), and INDEPENDENT candidates have the opportunity to enter the fray. It is not until August 3rd (of this election year) that Independent candidates file their nomination papers. It is not until August 10th that candidates that don’t wish to run in November are required to withdraw their names from the General Election Ballot. It is not until September 14th (of this election year) that political parties can name replacement nominees. It is not until September 17th (of this election year) that objections can be filed against nomination certificates. Most importantly . . . it is not until November 3rd that the VOTERS get to cast their final ballots to determine who the winners of each of the races will be.

At the point that a judge (in this case, Judge Francis Fornelli) feels that it is proper and legal to circumvent the elections process and simply allow the Governor to appoint “elected officials” without the final vote and approval of the citizenry, “We the People” are no longer in charge. The last I checked, “We the People” are the ones who make that decision . . . not a judge . . . and certainly not a Governor!

I find the suggestion of such an act to be a slap in the face of the VOTERS in this County. If you are similarly concerned, voice your opinion. Don’t allow leaders in Harrisburg to appoint our “elected officials”. Comments and complaints can be forwarded to any and all of the following:

Hon. Robert D. Robbins
337 Capitol Building
Senate Box 203050
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3050
(717) 787-1322Email:

Hon. Michele Brooks
153B East Wing
PO Box 202017
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2017
(717) 783-5008
Fax: (717) 705-1948Email:

Hon. Mark Longietti
103 Irvis Office Building
PO Box 202007
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2007
(717) 772-4035
Fax: (717) 780-4785Email:

Hon. Richard R. Stevenson
155B East Wing
PO Box 202008
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2008
(717) 783-6438
Fax: (717) 705-1949

The Honorable Judge Francis J. Fornelli
President Judge
Mercer County Courthouse
North Diamond Street
Mercer, PA 16137
(724)-662-3800 ext. 2521
Fax (724)-662-7524

Governor Edward G. Rendell’s Office
225 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120
Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284

Mercer County Voter Registration and Election Bureau
Jeffrey W. Greenburg, Director
5 Mercer County Courthouse
Mercer, PA 16137
Telephone (724) 662-3800 or (724) 962-5711
FAX (724) 662-1530


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A long train of abuses and transgressions

Pay close attention to the excerpt he reads from the Declaration of Independence:

The Tea Parties were only the first step. Not paying taxes would really be a significant act of civil disobedience. As Nelson states above, a significant case can be made for taxation without representation–especially here in Pennsylvania where our elected representative, Arlen Specter, has not represented the wishes of the electorate that put him in office.

H/T: Ace

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We’re not laughing WITH you, we’re laughing AT you.

At least those of us who aren’t among the slobbering sycophants in your audience. Politico:

The United States is facing its biggest financial crisis in ages. North Korea is blowing up nukes. Dick Cheney warns us of the “dangers that have not gone away.” And there are still wars raging in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But over in the White House press briefing room, it’s a veritable laugh riot.

Whenever there’s laughter in the James S. Brady Briefing Room — by either the briefer or the briefed — the official White House stenographer indicates as much by inserting “(Laughter.)” into the transcript.

And in Robert Gibbs’ first four months as President Barack Obama’s press secretary, there have been more than 600 instances of “(Laughter.)” during his regular press briefings — an average of more than 10 laughs per day.

It’s a gaudy statistic — and one that puts his predecessors to shame.

“Puts his predecessors to shame”….? Why is this a statistic worthy of bragging rights? We’ve already determined that Robert Gibbs is the most inept and buffonish press secretary in recent memory, is the fact that he gets more laughs than other predecessors really a measure of his competency?

No. It’s not. Like everything else in this administration, it’s a measure of his popularity, a qualification that the liberal White House sychophants in what passes for our mainstream media deem eminently more important than actual competence.

Dana Perino, George W. Bush’s last press secretary, got all of 57 laughs in her first four months. Scott McClellan, another Bush press secretary, got just 66 laughs in his first four months.

Gibbs even bests the late Tony Snow, whose jocular performances — dubbed “The Tony Snow Show” by some — drew a relatively paltry 217 laughs during his first four months on the job.

Tim Graham, who watches for liberal press bias at the Media Research Center, says all the high times may be a sign of reporters’ political affinity with the Obama administration.

“It’s possible that reporters just think Gibbs is much funnier than the Bush people,” Graham said. “But I think this is another subliminal sign that reporters are much more comfortable with a spokesman that represents the hope and change they voted for.”

Maybe it’s not so subliminal. We all know an office kiss-ass who laughs a little too loudly at his boss’s every quip. This is the same thing, only on a larger and much more nationally embarrassing scale.

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Sestak To Obama: Lalalalalalalalalalala

Run Joe Run!

I asked Sestak in the interview if a direct plea from the White House not to make the race — Obama officials similarly intervened to protect Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from a primary — would stop him from running.

“No,” Sestak said. “I think the President said it very well. I have great respect for him. He said that the core mission of the office of the Presidency is to ensure opportunities for everyone. Pennsylvanians should not be foreclosed on who they want. I believe in the bottom of my heart that the President does believe this.”

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Sotomayor, or “Why ‘Moderate’ McCain Lost in November.”

McCain, Martinez need to denounce Tancredo’s comments on the National Council of La Raza

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the footage of Tancredo calling the National Council of La Raza a “Latino KKK.” The most recent Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, should denounce these comments. After all, McCain keynoted NCLR’s 2004 conference, and addressed their 2008 convention:

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Unintentionally Hilarious Political Propaganda

Just saw this on TV in the ‘Burgh and laughed out loud at it:

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Re: Objection to Obama’s Supreme Court pick

Matt, as you said, Obama wanted a judge with “empathy” so he picked one with “empathy”, and the Democrat-media complex is telling us how great it is to have a judge with “empathy” as the nominee.

Perhaps they should bother to read the oath of a Supreme Court Justice, which demands that the judge leave their “empathy” at the door:

“I, [NAME], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as [TITLE] under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

Empathy is for legislators, not judges. Judges are supposed to be automatons who apply the laws given to them by the people who we used to call “lawmakers” in Congress. That’s what Justice Clarence Thomas does, and the left HATES him for it. The left doesn’t want judges to be judges; they want judges to be political activists who can help them get their way when they can’t get it done at the ballot box or in Congress.

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G20: To Meet In…. Pittsburgh?

No, really.

Pittsburgh will host the G20 a global economic summit of leaders from, yes, 20 of the world’s largest economies. The summit announcement came this afternoon via the White House and will be held Sept. 24 and 25.

The last time the G20 met was in April in London in April. The countries represent 85 percent of the world’s economy, said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who drew laughs from the White House Press Corps when he announced Pittsburgh would host the summit.

President Barack Obama chose to host the summit in Pittsburgh to because of the region’s recovery after the collapse of the steel industry, Gibbs said.

That may be the reason, but perhaps it is a good excuse for him to catch a home Pittsburgh Steelers game or dress up in some good old black and gold like the rest of the natives.

Pittsburgh stands on the precipice of repeating the “City of Champs” double national titles of 1979 if the Penguins are able to win the Stanley Cup this year. The Steelers were this year’s Super Bowl champs. Thirty years ago both the Pirates and the Steelers won their respective titles.

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I understand the sense of karmic justice or schadenfreude or whatever in seeing Specter defeated in a Dem primary, but be careful what you wish for.  There are pros and cons against having to face either candidate in the general election.  I’m just hoping it’s an ugly primary — I don’t have a strong perference about who wins.  I want to see the Dem establishment come apart at the seams trying to support an ex-Republican versus a loyal partisan soldier.

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