Obama Gets SCOTUS Pick

How about Justice Arlen Specter?

… awesome.

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Re: Counting on Arlen

Alex, that is fantastic. Let the Democrat-created millstones of George W. Bush and Rick Santorum be hung around Arlen Specter’s neck until his poll numbers crash to the ground and he becomes unelectable.

You Democrats spent the last eight years lying about, smearing, and viciously and dishonestly attacking Bush and Santorum until it was IMPOSSIBLE for either of them to win a majority of the vote in PA. Let’s see how you like it when we use your own vile deeds against you.

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Counting on Arlen


… also…. Meet Arlen

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The PG’s Readership Sucks

At least, they do, if the letters printed in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are any indication of the kind of folks who read that ridiculous paper:

Sen. Arlen Specter did not leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left him. For the past two decades, the GOP has painted itself into a political corner. It has become a single-issue party — anti-abortion. All other issues have become secondary. It ignores moderate conservatives and no longer deserves their support.

New Kensington

That’s funny; not even in his official spin does Arlen Specter claim that he left the GOP because of abortion. And he wouldn’t have had to leave the GOP if it wasn’t for his vote in favor of porkulus. Specter has never been a social conservative, but when he ceased to be an economic conservative as well, why would any Republican continue to support him?

As for the GOP being a single-issue party, that’s ridiculously false. I should know, since I’m a pro-life activist first, a conservative second, and a Republican third. It is far more accurate to say that the Democratic Party has become the single-issue party of abortion. When is the last time a pro-life Democrat ran for president? Usually when the lukewarm pro-lifers of the Democratic Party decide to run for president, they end up completely abandoning their “pro-life” stance and go hard core pro-abort. See: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Dick Gephardt & Dennis Kucinich

This next letter in the PG was even worse:

Bishop David Zubik’s comments on Notre Dame’s upcoming honorary degree for President Barack Obama (“Bishop Says Notre Dame Wrong to Honor Obama,” April 23) are a clear example of the modern lack of perspective and the willful ignorance shown constantly by those on the far right.

Stop right there. Yes, folks, according to this genius, Bishop David Zubik is “far right”. I guess he would qualify as a “terrorist” according to Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security.

Even intelligent people can fall for single-issue politics, as the bishop has demonstrated well.

Too bad it’s not a single issue. Obama with his policies on abortion, embryonic stem cell research, school choice, and conscience rights has practically declared war on the Catholic Church, and yet one of our most prestigious universities sees fit to award him an honorary degree. But then, I’m sure that the letter writer is not particularly interested in the concerns of Catholics, and sees nothing wrong with marginalizing us as “single issue” idiots.

If Notre Dame were honoring Mr. Obama for his policies, he’d be given this accolade at the end of his term, but rather it is choosing to give Mr. Obama this distinction at the beginning of his term, which clearly says to anyone paying attention that the university intends to note the historic and unique event this is for the millions of black Roman Catholics around the world and, yes, even the black Pittsburgh Catholics for whom Bishop Zubik is supposed to be speaking.

Again, that’s funny, because that’s not what Notre Dame actually said. Here is what Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins said when he was asked if in honoring Obama he was ignoring the plight of the unborn:

We are not ignoring the critical issue of the protection of life. On the contrary, we invited him because we care so much about those issues, and we hope for this to be the basis of an engagement with him. You cannot change the world if you shun the people you want to persuade, and if you cannot persuade them show respect for them and listen to them.

Jenkins went on to praise Obama FOR HIS POSITIONS ON THE ISSUES:

“[President Obama is] an inspiring leader who has taken leadership of the country facing many challenges: two wars, a really troubled economy, he has issues with health care, immigration, education reform, and he has addressed those with intelligence, courage and honesty.

Jenkins also said that it’s a “special feature” that Obama also happens to be the first black president of the United States, but this is clearly secondary to him. He invited Obama because he finds him to be an “inspiring leader” and a man of “intelligence, courage and honesty”.

Mr. Obama’s presidency, when examined from a historic viewpoint, is a major point of pride for all Americans. After all, he’s not merely the 44th president of the United States of America, but the first black one. Bishop Zubik should consider context before trying to lead his flock.


Actually, you, Mr. Shevock, should try learning the facts before you make thinly veiled accusations of racism against the shepherd of the Catholic flock of Pittsburgh!

As for the final moronic letter in today’s PG, wherein just like the previous letter the writer assumes that Obama is being honored by Notre Dame because he is black, I will only bother to quote the final three sentences:

President Obama has persuaded a majority of Americans to look beyond race in electing him to lead our nation. He has restored our international relationships, recognized science as fact-based and nonpolitical and disavowed torture.

As a non-Catholic, Mr. Obama may hold different religious beliefs and is free to do so. The university is and should be proud to honor this president.

Green Tree

Did you see it? Did you see the swipe at Catholics there? Obama “recognized science as fact-based”, which is a clever, liberal way of saying “Obama supports embryonic stem-cell research”. This means that Mr. Becker thinks that Notre Dame should honor Obama because Obama thinks that Catholics are anti-science theocrats. Yeah, that sounds like a brilliant idea!

And the ending of his letter is equally as brilliant – an attempt to stir up inter-denominational problems by suggesting that some Catholics object to Obama being honored by a Catholic university simply because he is not Catholic! Uh, no, sorry, but my favorite politician, SARAH Palin, is a non-Catholic. I dislike Obama because he is the most extreme pro-abort to ever be president, because he opposes school choice, because he is now forcing me to pay for research which destroys human life, and because he wants to remove conscience protections from my Catholic brothers and sisters in the health care profession. I couldn’t care less about what religion he claims to belong to.

Over 336,000 people have signed the internet petition objecting to Notre Dame awarding an honorary degree to Barack Obama. The first 300,000 signatures were just printed, bound, and delivered to Fr. Jenkins. Here is a photo of them:

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The Choice For Seniors

Eat cat food or deal heroin.


After police found them in possession of 1400 bags of heroin, two elderly Pennsylvania sisters immediately ratted out their supplier, a 28-year-old man nicknamed “Little Tony,” court records show. Elizabeth Grube, 70, and Elaine Volkert, 65, were nabbed Tuesday for allegedly dealing drugs from their Monroe County home, which was raided earlier this month by cops

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Gerlach + Statewide Race

In the inbox…

Congressman Jim Gerlach released the following statement today after Senator Arlen Specter’s switch to the Democrat Party:

“For the past three months as I have been exploring a statewide bid for Governor, I have talked to many Pennsylvanians about the need to reinvigorate and reenergize the Pennsylvania Republican Party with bold, new, and fresh ideas on how to deal with the problems facing our families and communities.

“What is most important right now is that all of us who consider ourselves leaders in Pennsylvania’s Republican Party, as well as those interested in the future of a viable, competitive party, get to work immediately on reviving our Party and broadening our appeal among general election voters. It’s a simple fact that Republicans now face a 1.2 million voter registration deficit statewide, a deficit that has grown by over 600,000 registrations since 2004.

“The reason for the decline is not a result of any one thing, person, or election, but rather Republicans forgetting what the Party must represent to voters if we are going to win statewide elections. We’ve forgotten that, above all, the Pennsylvania Republican Party must be the party of new ideas and solutions for smaller, more efficient government, and advocate for policies that encourage job creation, educational opportunities, retirement security, and a quality of life second to none for all of our citizens.

“I will continue to travel the Commonwealth considering future opportunities to serve, while listening and promoting a Republican rebirth in Pennsylvania to rebuild our Party into one of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

… along with former Governor Tom Ridge, Jim Gerlach’s name has been floated as a possible challenger to Pat Toomey for the Senate seat.

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Excellence in Journalism

The Pennsylvania Women’s Press Association has announced their 2009 Excellence in Journalism award winners.

Our very own Lisa Mossie gets third place in the Editorials category, writing for a paper called the Times-Herald…. which strangely terminated her for being too provocative or something.

Great call, Stan.

Congratulations again to Lisa, who also blogs @

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Left turn at Albuquerque

When did we get to this upside down world? Did we do what Bugs Bunny said at the beginning of many of his adventures when he popped out of the ground confused about where he was? “I knew I shoulda taken a left turn at Albuquerque!” This is the phrase I’ve had to ask myself lately. I know I heard Bug’s voice in my head the other day when I listened to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City discussing the incredibly short sighted and boneheaded tower buzzing of the Air Force One through Downtown New York. During his press conference he railed on about the insensitivity of the Jumbo Jet flyby and the panic it caused to the citizens of New York and how he wants answers as to why this happened. Then in the same breath, without even missing a beat, he then said “in the end though, it’s the federal government, and they will do whatever they want to.” Huh…excuse me? Since when was this how our country functioned?

And then it occurred to me. This is the problem, and I don’t mean the federal government. I mean us, you and I. We are the problem. When an official of the government, the highest ranking official of one of the nation’s largest and most powerful cities in the country can make a blanket statement like this and it doesn’t even make a blip on the news and not a single dissenting voice in the media or by any other elected officials then it just proves to me that we as a people have forgotten who we are and where we came from. If an elected official had said such a thing in the days of the Founders, he would have found himself run right out of office if not the town itself. How far we have fallen from our beginnings.

What Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t realize is the fact that our nation and its founding documents expressly state that the power of the government rests in the hands of those it governs, not the other way around. It was placed even in our founding documents that the power of the government is derived from God to the people and then Lent to the government to serve us and ensure our Lives Liberties and Pursuit of Happiness. It further says “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these end it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it and institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power is such forms as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” This is a direct quote from our Declaration of Independence, something that apparently not too many people, and obviously not Mr. Bloomberg, have read lately if ever at all. One of our greatest founding fathers, John Adams, had this to say about freedom and democracy: “Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” Is that the path we’ve chosen? Do we need to put America on Suicide Watch? Not if I can help it.

This has brought me to one crystal clear conclusion. We have forgotten the face of our fathers. We have forgotten what it really means to be Americans. To be American is not the stuff we buy or the things our government says we can do. It is living a principled life understanding that, just like our Founder’s, that there is a God, that we derive our freedoms and liberty’s from God and that we lend government the power it yields. It is also remembering that as being the source of power, it is our God-given right and Duty to starve off and choke that which forgets that government doesn’t give us our rights but that they come from God first and that government has No Power other than that which we give it. It is time to stop letting them have the power they feel they are entitled to and that it is our duty to do as they say. How wrong they really are. It is time that we taught them that lesson.

It is time that we remembered the Face of Our Fathers again.

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Tolling of I-80 Still an Open Issue

Written by Roberta Biros

In 2008 we all heard plenty about the possible tolling of I-80. It was on TV . . . it was in the papers . . . it was on political buttons. It was a great issue during an election year, so it received lots of attention. We were all made to believe that the issue of tolling Interstate 80 was ‘squashed’ by the Legislature ensuring that access to the highway would remain free . . . but, Don’t Believe Everything You Read.

We all know what we were told in 2008, but let us review the facts.

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Turnpike Commission submitted an application to the Federal Highway Administration in an effort to assess tolls on I-80.
  • The Federal Highway Administration rejected Pennsylvania’s application. The rejection was based on the fact that payments to the State were “not based on fair market valuation and were not allowable as operating costs”.
  • The rejection of the application had nothing to do with the efforts of Legislators in the Pennsylvania General Assembly . . . the application was simply rejected by the Federal Highway Administration.
  • The issue did not ‘go away’. The application was simply rejected. The PA Department of Transportation and Turnpike Commission have the ability to reapply at any point again in the future.

Those are the facts from 2008. While the issue was used like a medal of honor by Legislators, the truth is that their efforts had nothing to do with the rejection of tolls on I-80. More importantly, the possibility of tolls on Interstate 80 is still alive and well. It did not go away!

Now let us talk about what has happened since 2008.

  • The Resolution is short and to the point. It provides a list of reasons why Tolling of I-80 would be wrong, and it suggests that the House of Representatives agree that future such applications to the Federal Highway Administration be stopped.
  • The Resolution was referred to the Transportation Committee on March 25, 2009.

As a follow up to last year’s activities, a group of Legislators got together in an effort to stop the same problem from happening again. Unfortunately, like almost all Legislation that is introduced, the Resolution was doomed to sit in Transportation Committee and never see the light of day. Legislators are great at authoring Legislation, but they have a short attention span when it comes to pushing for the passage of Legislation.

This week, however, there was an interesting turn of events . . .

For those of you that keep an eye on Harrisburg, you all know that House Bill 67 has been a big issue of contention lately. House Bill 67 was another Bill that went through the Transportation Committee. It was designed to limit the use of cell phones and “interactive wireless communication devices”, and it has been debated on the House floor for the past week or so. I watched some of the debate through the House streaming video link [CLICK HERE to go to ‘House Live’), and I found it very interesting. There were many details of the Bill that were hashed out including ‘primary vs. secondary offense’ and ‘while operating vs. while driving’. In an interesting turn of events, authors of House Resolution 197 (the resolution putting a stop to future tolling of I-80 which was described above) decided to try to slide their resolution through as part of House Bill 67. The attempt was bold . . . but it was also unsuccessful. The attempt was voted down by a vote of 87 to 106 [VIEW THE VOTE HERE]. House Bill 67 eventually passed [VIEW THE FINAL VOTE HERE] but it did not include the lock down on I-80 Tolls.

So where does that leave us? Where does it leave the issue of tolls on I-80?

Well, at any time the PA Dept. of Transportation and Turnpike Commission can re-apply with the Federal Highway Administration. If they do, there will be nothing that the Pennsylvania Citizenry can do to stop it (other than hope that it is rejected again by the Feds). The only way to stop future applications is to support Legislation like House Resolution 197 which was designed to stop the application process in the first place. Unfortunately, Legislation doesn’t get passed without lots and lots of attention. House Resolution 197 came out for a brief glimpse of daylight, but like most Legislation, HR197 is destined to never see the light of day without extra effort from our Legislators . . . but (sadly enough) they only show extra motivation during election years.

Perhaps our Legislators should attempt to get attention for the I-80 tolling again. They could attempt to garner support from their constituents . . . they could hold public meetings . . . they could discuss the issue regularly with businesses and voters . . . they could contact the press . . . they could attempt to rally the troops. That might happen, but probably not until about June or July of 2010 when they need a reason to be re-elected.

Keep an eye on this issue. It is destined to surface again . . . mark my words.

Summary from a Mercer County Prospective:

Representative Michele Brooks and Representative Dick Stevenson were included in the group introducing House Resolution 197 (as was Representative Roae from neighboring Crawford County).

Representatives Brooks, Stevenson, and Roae all voted for the version of House Bill 67 that included the House Resolution 197 verbiage.

As always, just my opinion.
~Roberta Biros, Mercer County Conservatives

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America in the early 1800’s vs. early 2000’s

We’ve gone through the first 100 days of Mr. Obama’s administration.  I think it is safe to say that the news outlets have reported on Obama’s movements, policies, speeches, actions, etc for each of these first 100 days.  This is America in the early 2000’s where to be up to date on politics means to know what is going on with the federal government every day.  We now even have a President who acts as our mother in telling us to wash our hands and stay home when we feel sick.

Contrast this with the America of the early 1800’s as Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America.

“Americans are taught from birth that they must overcome life’s woes and impediments on their own. Social authority makes them mistrustful and anxious, and they rely upon its power only when they cannot do without it. This first becomes apparent in the schools, where children play by their own rules and punish infractions they define themselves. One encounters the same spirit in all aspects of social life. An obstruction blocks a public road, interrupting the flow of traffic. The neighbors immediately set up a deliberative body. Out of this improvised assembly comes an executive power that will remedy the ill before it occurs to anyone to appeal to an authority…” (p. 215)

There is also a section of the book, although I can’t remember exactly where, in which Tocqueville comments on his surprise that the people of this country can go about their daily lives for a great deal of time without even thinking about what the federal government is doing.  They could do this because the federal government, at that time, did not have as direct an impact in people’s lives as it does today.

Oh how far we’ve come.

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