Grucela Out for NorCo Executive, Grammes, Najarian out for Lehigh Commissioner

Democratic State Representative Rich Grucela, despite initial reports to the contrary, has opted out of running for Northampton County Executive.

My “well placed source” that earlier told me he was definitely in, told me later that he was out, but I was asked not to do a post on it just yet.

Local Lehigh Valley Blogger Bernie O’Hare broke the story today and put a little egg on my face in the process.

Also, in the race for Lehigh County Commissioner District 1, former County Commissioner Marc Grammes and Lynn Township Supervisor David Najarian have both signaled that they do not intend to run.

Former State House Candidate and Republican County Committeeman Allen Cerullo is leaning towards running.

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Racists Report Steele Victory

My former Lieutenant Governor, Michael Steele, was today elected Chairman of the NRC. He is an excellent choice to be the public face of the Republican Party. He is bright, personable, articulate, media savvy, and well-respected within the Party. But, in these supposedly “post-racial” times the punditry place primary emphasis on only one characteristic of this multi-faceted individual — the color of his skin.

CNN reports: Steele Becomes First African-American RNC Chairman. [here]

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Members of the Republican National Committee elected their first-ever African-American party chief on Friday, choosing former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele to chair the organization after six tumultuous rounds of voting. [here]

Ben Smith leads off with: Michael Steele makes history as the first black chairman of the Republican National Committee…. [here]

Wonkette leads with this nonsense: Congratulations to Michael Steele, who finally beat out that actual Confederate slaveowning plantation owner to become the first African-American President of the United States! [here] I have no idea what they are talking about, but the racial obsession is blatant.

Then there’s this:

Republicans elect Steele first black chairman

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Republican Party picked its first black chairman on Friday as it elected former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele to rebuild the party after a string of devastating defeats.


Michael Steele becomes first black RNC chairman

WASHINGTON – The Republican Party chose the first black national chairman in its history Friday, just shy of three months after the nation elected a Democrat as the first African-American president.


Leaders of the fractured and demoralized national Republican Party on Friday turned to a charismatic, nationally recognized African-American to lead it into the future.

The Chicago Tribune:

GOP elects first African-American party chairman

WASHINGTON — Republican officials voted Friday to elect their first black national party chairman, a response in part to election defeats that have left the party’s base more white and Southern at a time when the country is growing more diverse.

Carlos Slim’s New York Times:

Republicans Choose First Black Party Chairman

Published: January 30, 2009

WASHINGTON — Michael Steele, the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, was elected the chairman of the Republican National Committee on Friday as the party chose its first African-American leader in a vote that signaled a desire by Republican leaders to put a new face on an embattled party.

BBC News leads with

Change has come to the Republican Party. To the top of it, at least.

For the first time in the Republicans’ history (and for only the second time in the history of America’s two major parties) an African American has been elected party chairman.

It goes on and on and on. This obsession with skin color is more than bizarre. It’s demented. And such heightened racial sensitivity is nothing less than systematic racism. That’s right — racism. the people who wrote these stories and the editors who approved them are blatantly proclaiming the fact that they are racists. Future American historians will have a great time tracing the development of this cultural deformity but for now it is enough to note the prevalence of racist themes in the mainstream and liberal media.

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GOP Getting It – Pick Correct RNC Chair


Reaganism is far from dead. It NEVER was. We just need more and more leaders that get it!

That is why conservative groups are springing up all across Pennsylvania. I am compiling a list of all I have been in contact with. I would not be surprised if the number approaches fifty.

I hope the liberal extremist Republicans jump on board. Or, please, move to the back of the tent. And if you are a liberal extremist Republican legislator, please, abstain from voting a bit more often.

We have A LOT of work to do to repair the damage wrought by the “move to the Left” crowd.

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New RNC Chair Elected –

After multiple ballots and maneuvering today, the RNC elected a new chair. (Don’t know who yet, waiting for the announcement.)

The previous RNC Chair was running, Mike Duncan, but he dropped out after multiple ballots. This is a good sign as another establishment leader who has led the GOP to its rapid decline was forced to bow out.

Michael Steele and Katon Dawson were the front runners with Ken Blackwell and a few others still in the race…

Read more about the implications of either choice.

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RNC Chairman Election

Voting takes place today for the chairman of the Republican National Committee.

It takes 85 votes to win.

First Ballot: Duncan 52, Steele 46, Dawson 28, Anuzis 22, Blackwell 20

Update: Second Ballot: Duncan 48, Steel 48, Dawson 29, Anuzis 24, Blackwell 19

Update: Third ballot: Steele 51, Duncan 44, Dawson 34, Anuzis 24, Blackwell 15.

I don’t know what the rules are for knocking people out, but you know the Steele folks are probably laying down some pressure on Blackwell’s voters.

Update: Break for recess and politicking. The ballroom is rumored to be booked for 5pm for a wedding. So they need to get things done. :)

Update: Duncan out!

Update: Fourth ballot: Dawson 62, Steele 60, Anuzis 31, Blackwell 15

Dawson surges on Duncan’s free electors. How ’bout that.

Update: Blackwell drops out, is supporting Steele. If all of Blackwells votes go to Steele, that makes Anuzis the kingmaker.

Update: Fifth ballot: Steele 79 Dawson 69 Anuzis 20

Update:: Steele elected with 91 votes on the sixth ballot. Dawson with 71.

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The State Budget: Are There Responsible Fiscal Caretakers in Harrisburg Who Really Watch Our Money?

Written by Roberta Biros

I usually choose my blog topics based on recent news stories, but today I’m writing “By Request”.

I receive comments and suggestions often. I even received an interesting “list” of topics via my Comment feature today [read the suggestions HERE].

I have a growing list of topics on which I’d like to eventually research and report. Today’s topic, however, was a request  made only last night, but I felt it worthy of my attention as it is an important and timely topic of interest . . . the upcoming proposed State Budget for 2009-2010.

As I understand it, Governor Rendell plans on revealing his 2009-2010 Budget next week (February 4, 2009). I’m personally counting the days. This is a very important story that we should ALL watch closely (I know I will be). Last year’s budget put Pennsylvania in a $2 billion hole that seems to be getting deeper. Everyone is aware of the financial problems of our government (at the County, State, and National level), but I ask the question “Who is REALLY doing something about it?”

Last year, the bloated 2008-2009 State Budget passed overwhelmingly 170 – 32. So, who was trying to “do something” about our fiscal problems then? In my opinion, the only people in Harrisburg that truly earned their paychecks last year were the 32 Legislators who voted AGAINST that Budget. Who were they? Well allow me to list them for you (in order by District Number):

Rep. Bradley Roae
Rep. Daryl Metcalfe
Rep. Michele Brooks
Rep. Timothy Hennessey
Rep. Mike Turzai
Rep. Thomas Creighton
Rep. John Maher
Rep. Keith Gillespie
Rep. Scott Hutchinson
Rep. Kathy Rapp
Rep. Jerry Stern
Rep. Michael Fleck
Rep. Russell Fairchild
Rep. Rob Kauffman
Rep. Todd Rock
Rep. Dan Moul
Rep. Scott Perry
Rep. Ronald Miller
Rep. Stanley Saylor
Rep. Rosemarie Swanger
Rep. Karen Boback
Rep. Samuel Rohrer
Rep. Jim Cox
Rep. Michael Peifer
Rep. Paul Clymer
Rep. Bob Mensch
Rep. Curt Schroder
Rep. Carl Manz
Rep. Steven Nickol
Rep. Kathy Manderino (the Lone Democrat in the group)
Rep. Beverly Mackereth
Rep. William Gabig

Make note of each and every name on this list. THESE are the brave people in Harrisburg who had the intestinal fortitude to vote NAY on last year’s so-called “Budget”.

Points of interest for those of us interested in the Mercer County (and surrounding) area?

Representative Michele Brooks (R-17)
Representative Brad Roae (R-6) from neighboring Crawford County

Representative Dick Stevenson (R-8)
Representative Mark Longietti (D-7)

If you are a “detail junkie” like me and you’d care to read the entire text of the Legislation (all 207 pages of it), CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

Some of you may be of the opinion that “it is just a Budget” . . . “you have to pass something”. Well, I beg to differ with you. I am the fiscal steward of my home and business. We have a very strict “Budget” in our household. According to “responsible fiscal procedures”, our Budget is balanced. We force ourselves to live within our means. We do not plan our Budget based on borrowing money to make ends meet. The same should hold true for the Government . . . at EVERY level.

So, I wait with great anticipation to see what Governor Rendell has up his sleeve in the soon-to-be released 2009-2010 State Budget. There has been much discussion of ways to cut costs, but will those cost cutting measures actually make their way to paper? And if the Governor’s budget suggestions are again “bloated”, will there still be brave fiscal stewards willing to protect our best interests in Harrisburg? I’m counting on it.

As always, just my opinion.
~Roberta Biros, Mercer County Conservatives

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Re: WingBowl XVII

Yet another reason to hold our heads high here in Southeast Pennsylvania….

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WingBowl XVII

The Wachovia Center was sold out!

The winner of Wing Bowl 17, John “Super Squibb” Squibb of Berlin, New Jersey tossed back 203 wings over three rounds.

The 23-year-old wing eating champion went home with a Mini Cooper, a $7,500 diamond ring and a crown decorated with miniature chickens. [and severe hearburn and looming diarrhea. ed]

Of course, the competition would not have been complete without the help of the scantily clad, sometimes naked, “Wingettes.” Their job was to keep the competitors eating while cheering them on and entertaining the crowd.

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Why is Obama fighting with Rush Limbaugh?

Dude, you are President of the United States. 53% of this country worships your every utterance. They think you are the Messiah. You are enjoying 70% approval ratings.

And you are fighting with a talk radio host?


“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” President Obama told House Republicans during stimulus negotiations on Friday. Limbaugh has encouraged Republicans to oppose the stimulus plan because it would give Democrats an electoral advantage by creating new jobs. He’s also said he wants President Obama to fail.

On the radio Monday, Limbaugh said Obama wished the same for him.

“He’s obviously more frightened of me than he is Mitch McConnell. He’s more frightened of me, then he is of say, John Boehner, which doesn’t say much about our party,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh today planned to unveil his own bipartisan plan to “resolve the fight over the stimulus package.”

“I think Obama wants me to fail,” Limbaugh said. “President Obama, by telling you and the elected Republicans in Washington to not listen to me because I am not how things get done in Washington, he has said that he wants me to fail.

President Obama, Rush Limbaugh is not an elected official. His job is to entertain and inform. He measures success by ratings and he gets ratings by sparking controversy. You, Mr. President, have just upped Rush Limbaugh’s clout amongst conservatives by simply acknowledging him as a threat. Not only is every cable news show looking for Rush as a guest, but his ratings are going to go through the roof.

I think that most ordinary people could figure out that if you are the leader of the free world, you don’t acknowledge that a talk show host with an already overblown ego and a microphone has it within his power to defeat your agenda. I think most ordinary folks would figure out that the best policy regarding radio talk show hosts is the one that every single one of Obama’s predecessors has employed: ignore him. This is stuff you learn in elementary school. Of course, Obama is supposedly the smartest man in the world, so maybe he skipped elementary school and missed this lesson on common sense.

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Coconut-Gate Update: Senator Bob Robbins Still in the Limelight

Written by Roberta Biros

For those of you that have been locked away in a dark room for the past week, it is my duty to bring you up to speed on the local political news.

On Saturday of last week (January 24, 2008), I found some interesting Mercer County news buried in the news postings of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The story was regarding Senator Bob Robbins’ recent trip to the Virgin Islands.

It seems that Senator Robbins (R-50th) took a trip to the Virgin Islands for the purpose of “networking”, and he paid for the trip out of his own pocket . . . which we applaud. However, when asked by a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter “Why” he paid for the trip, the Senator’s answer was:

“Because of calls like this”.

He went on to say

“It is unfortunate that our members are not networking like before”. In closing he stated “And it’s all because of the media pressure and stories that beat us up.”

Well, as a public service, we posted the information (and our commentary) in our post titled:

Senator Bob Robbins Pays for Virgin Islands Trip Because He Was Afraid of Getting Caught with His Hands in the Till

After our blog post populated throughout Mercer County, it found itself in the hands of the Sharon Herald. Matt Snyder of the Herald wrote the piece on Monday, January 26 titled:

Sen. Robbins pays for trip to conference in Caribbean.

We couldn’t let the Herald have the last word on the topic, so I fired back with a response on the morning of Tuesday, January 26 with my post titled:

Senator Robbins Only Needs to “Network” Where It’s Warm and Sunny

I then took the liberty of starting a discussion thread in the Herald Forum which can be read HERE (excellent reading by the way if you are interested in this topic and the opinions of “the locals”). The discussion in the thread has been heated at times, but the general consensus seems to be the same . . . Senator Bob Robbins’ attitude toward the press and the voting public seems to be that of utter contempt.

The latest news? Yesterday, the Sharon Herald published an editorial titled:

OUR VIEW: Key legislative conference or just a sunny vacation?

In this latest addition to the conversation, the Herald again repeats many of the points that we have already made in this Blog.

It seems that this issue is turning into the Senator’s own “Coconut-Gate”.

Have we caused this by being unfair to the Senator? No way, and don’t even try to blame us.

“Coconut-Gate” is a story created by Senator Bob Robbins due to his arrogant response to the press regarding a valid question.

This is not the first time that the Senator has responded this way, and I am certain that it will not be the last. Senator Robbins has lost the understanding of his position as a “public servant”. To be fair, this is an “illness” that often afflicts politicians who have had too much control for too long (and who do not have the “moral compass” to control themselves). If the Senator cannot realize that his duty is to answer to the people of the State of Pennsylvania (specifically those people from the 50th District), then perhaps he needs to consider the possibility of retirement . . . where he could enjoy coconuts and sunshine for as long as he wants . . . with no questions from the press or the tax payers of this area.

As always, just my opinion.
~Roberta Biros, Mercer County Conservatives

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