Re: Why Should Hillary Stay?

Susan Boyer:

As I have predicted before, I believe Obama is toast. While he may win the Dem nomination, he will never win the presidency. His judgement in associating with radicals (Wright isn’t the only one) along with his thin resume cannot be overcome with flowery rhetoric and the help of the mainstream media which can no longer control the flow of information.

Hillary suspects this is the case and her plan is to garner a reputation as a fighter and circle the wagons of her supporters in preparation for a reprise in 2012. McCain will be too old to run again and voters will have seen Obama go down in flames. Hillary will be poised to come to the rescue of a Democrat party licking its wounds. She won’t need to say “I told you so”. The electoral college will have already made the point for her.

Yeah, Jeff, I’m liking reason number one.

There’s something refreshingly satisfying about seeing someone driven by ambition willing to destroy that which has gotten them there.

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Reasons Why HRC Should Continue

1) The Obvious Reason- Because I am an evil Republican, and I enjoy watching the Democrat’s destroy themselves.

2) If she wins all or most(all except NC) the remaining primaries, she has a nontrivial cahnce of overtaking Obama in the popular vote. This does severe damage to Obama’s argument to the supers.

3) To give everyone a vote(nice propaganda, eh?).

4) Following on #2, if they are within 50 or so delegates, and she is close or leading the popular vote, she can make an argument to the Credentials Committee to seat at least Florida, giving her a net plus of about 40 delegates. Should the Dem race continue to Denver, the makeup of the Credentials Committee will be the primary battle, and it might be where she wins the nomination.

5) If party “elders” try to intervene and give it to Gore, she can make it a floor fight between her and Gore. She can run against “smoke-filled rooms”, and argue that party leaders see Obama’s weakness, but they refuse to give it to her instead.  


That’s all for now.

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Ed Rendell: Vice Presidents Should Lie

Well, he didn’t exactly say it.

He just said he can’t be a vice president because he’s too truthful.

MATTHEWS: But I think Barack has a better chance if you’re his running mate. Would you be available, Governor, to be a running-mate with Barack Obama–


MATTHEWS: or Hillary Clinton?

RENDELL: I said I’m going to finish my term here. And who in their right mind would want someone like me to be their running mate? You know, if they came up and said what do you think about the presidential candidate’s environmental policy that he released today, I’d say “fair, you know, fair.” You know, I have this, this problem of telling the truth all the time.

Governor Rendell, I’m sure there’s about a thousand questions your friends in the legislature and the media would like answered truthfully.

Where do we begin?

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Citizen’s Bank Ballpark Has Unhealthy Food


The suspect?


… and it looks awesome.

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Re: Why Should Hillary Stay?

The other day I had blogged about the requests for Hillary to step aside to proceed with the coronation of Senator Obama.

She’s got the momentum, the upcoming polls are looking her way, I think there’s no reason to.

Well, some disagree.

Matt Denton writes in…

The reason that people are calling for Hillary to bow down is because no matter how well she does she can’t go to the convention with more pledged delegates or a larger percentage of the popular vote than Obama. Because of the size of the lead that he has, and the fact that states portion out delegates proportionately it’s mathematically impossible for her to overtake him in pledged delegates.

He will lose PA most likely yes, but she will most likely only gain a few delegates, and she will probably lose whatever gains she makes in PA in North Carolina where Obama is expected to win by a large margin (he may even gain a larger lead after NC and she is so sure she will lose she is refusing to campaign or debate in NC). Even her “big” wins in OH and TX were completely erased by Obama’s one win in Mississippi.

So the only way she can win now is if:
A) Barack drops out because of a scandal or
B) She convinces the super delegates that he is unelectable (using the “Tanya Harding option”) and makes them push her over the edge.

As it is now Obama is guaranteed to go to the convention with democracy on his side.

For her to win she has to overturn the will of the voters, which is why no one is calling for Obama to drop out. And that is why the Obama supporters are holding up the sign that says “Do the Math”. I encourage you to do the math and you may concede that she should indeed drop out.

I had to laugh at the “democracy on his side” line… the Texas primary results are looking like Hillary won the vote counting, but Obama will win the delegates. But that’s not your fault Matt… it’s a weird system.

Matt also include a link to a Newsweek story, to a Jonathan Alter column, which does the (pre-Texas) math.

So no matter how you cut it, Obama will almost certainly end the primaries with a pledged-delegate lead, courtesy of all those landslides in February. Hillary would then have to convince the uncommitted superdelegates to reverse the will of the people. Even coming off a big Hillary winning streak, few if any superdelegates will be inclined to do so. For politicians to upend what the voters have decided might be a tad, well, suicidal.

For all of those who have been trashing me for saying this thing is over, please feel free to do your own math. Give Hillary 75 percent in Kentucky and Indiana. Give her a blowout in Oregon. You will still have a hard time getting her through the process with a pledged-delegate lead.

The Clintonites can spin to their heart’s content about how Obama can’t carry any large states besides Illinois. How he can’t close the deal. How they’ve got the Big Mo now.

Fortunately, that magnificent bastard, Karl Rove has the answer. (Also in Newsweek)

After the last Democratic Primary is held in early June, neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama will have enough votes from delegates elected in caucuses or primaries to be declared the nominee. Obama would have to win 76 percent and Clinton 98 percent of the 535 delegates that are at stake in the final eight contests. Neither will happen.

He provides five rules to the Democrats, gratis, to force a victory.

Too much to excerpt, but here’s some of the “most obvious”

Rule #1: Control the Convention Mechanism. If you set the rules, decide who votes, organize the event and control what is said, it’s almost impossible to lose. So while Democratic National Committee chief Howard Dean is ostensibly in charge, both candidates would be well advised to gain control of the levers of the convention.

That’s going to make the losers mad, though.

Rule #3: It’s All About Delegates. Delegates are political junkies. This is their moment in the spotlight. Don’t take them for granted. Make every effort to attend to their every legitimate (and legal) need. By now your campaign should have a massive set of binders with information on every delegate—their birthday, pet peeves, hobbies and interests. If not, get them started.

Nice. That will make the losers less mad.

While I see the futility of the election math, the final delegate count game is still on going… and that’s where I think Hillary still has her best shot… and the ultimate irony of it, is that it’s all by the Democrat rules… and by design.

Ulitimately, super delegate attrition will set in, and they’ll take sides. Whether or not it’s by Howard Dean’s July 1st “deadline” or not, I think it’ll be over before then.

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Third Anniversary of the Judicial Murder of Terri Schiavo

Three years ago today, an innocent disabled woman who was not terminally ill was put to death by order of the government. She was executed over a period of thirteen days by being denied food and water. It was an abomination which we would not allow to happen to even the worst enemies of America, and yet we did it to a woman who had committed no crime.

Pro-life America will never forget!

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Opening Day!

Headline at

Phillies Get Their Balls Blessed For Opening Day

This is a good thing. We all remember what happened to former Phillie John Kruk.

Pastor Jeff Raffauf, Father Joe Campellone and Rabbi Gregory Marx were on hand to offer a blessing of good luck to the Phillies. This year the team and the fans are praying for a championship season.

The three men of faith gathered in front the statue of Mike Schmidt to offer their blessings to the opening day game balls.

“May it be thy will that the Phillies go onto victory with a strong hand and outstretched spirit, bats of iron, gloves of gold, pitchers who are exact in their skill and the spirit of Mike Schmidt that inspires not only the players, but also the fans,” Rabbi Marx said.

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My sister meets Barack Obama

Last Saturday afternoon, I received an excited phone call from my sister Amy, who told me that she was with some friends in a pub beneath a bowling alley. The Secret Service had arrived and did their Secret Service thaang, and now Barack Obama was upstairs bowling a game.

Amy’s a McCain supporter, a solid Republican, but she was excited. I told her that, no matter our political party, Barry’s candidacy was history. Plus, that morning, the local paper (Altoona Mirror) had run an article about how we’re so Republican and our State’s primary so irrelevant that all Presidential candidates ignore this county.

Amy called back about half an hour later to tell me that she got a picture, and it’s below. My sister was forced to stand next to Junior Casey, while a friend is pictured next to Barry. Please not that the three folks on the left – Barry, the friend, and Amy – are smiling, happy to be a part of a small even in Campaign 2008, while Junior Casey seems unsure of where he is.

Great fun was had by all (except for Junior, who looks like he might have been murmuring).

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Greens Fees

A group of Slippery Rock University students want to enact a $5 per semester green fee.
The fee would generate about $80,000 annually from the school’s 8,000 students. An advisory board would oversee the funds and determine which environmentally friendly programs would receive the money.

Organizers of the proposal belong to Leave It Green. They collected 700 signatures on a petition, forcing a campuswide student referendum from April 7 to April 9. On Friday, the group will meet with the university’s council of trustees to discuss the plan.

Strangely, the 700 petitioners decided that giving $60 out of their own pockets twice a year is too much burden for them to bear for their own good idea.

They’ll make fine Democrats.

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Hillary’s Lead to Shrink

Hmm… Is this a lowering of expectations?

Gov. Ed Rendell predicted Monday that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lead over Sen. Barack Obama will shrink before the April 22 primary.

“We have a very strong lead, but I think that lead is going to shrink,” Rendell, a Clinton supporter, said on ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America.”

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., an Obama supporter, agreed that Obama is “the underdog in our state.”

Wow. Profound. Senator Casey is a regular Karl Rove.

Governor Rendell is Hillary’s biggest booster in the Keystone State. Look for this to be the first one of the “we’re not going to win” huge messages from the Clintonistas in the coming days/weeks.

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