Myron Cope, 1929 – 2008

Pittsburghers Saddened By Loss Of Myron Cope

As Pittsburgh and the Steelers Nation mourns the loss of broadcaster Myron Cope today, a local sports museum is planning to pay tribute to the legendary broadcaster.

All across the Pittsburgh area, fans say they are feeling the loss.

“Yoi, Yoi, Yoi. What else can I possibly say,” Pittsburgher and local business owner, Jimmy Sunseri said. “The loss of a real gentleman. He was a philosopher. He, most certainly, was the most expertised individual on Steelers football that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.”

Another Pittsburger, Nick Conangelo, said he grew up listening to Myron’s unique and beloved voice.

“Growing up, I can always remember him being on,” Conangelo said. “I would always turn off the sound of the television and turn him on the radio. I remember him doing many games, many, many games.”

Meanwhile, Michael Grossman, Steelers fan said, “There was only one Myron Cope.”

At the Western Pa. Sports Museum in the Heinz History Center, there is already an entire section dedicated to Cope, including the Terrible Towel.

R.I.P., Myron.

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Re: Penguins’ Zamboni

Alex, that was actually a Flyers fan dressed in a penguin suit. Pittsburgh fans were horrified… since they had to wait 30 minutes for them clean all of that crap off the ice. Their chants of “Go Home, Flyers!” didn’t seem effective.

But seriously, the Zamboni transmission fluid spill happened before the Pens vs. Sharks game. Apparently the Sharks took a bite out of the Zamboni in order to delay the game, and their strategy worked – they won the game with a shootout victory.

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Penguin Killed by Zamboni in the ‘Burgh

Pittsburgh hockey fans were horrified to witness an unscheduled animal sacrifice Tuesday night, as former Penguin great Mario Lemieux shoved an unknowing Emporer Penguin beneath the wheels of a zamboni between the second and third periods.

The sacrifice was successful as the Pens topped the Islanders 4 – 2.

Eddie LeBec could not be reached for comment.

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Re: Free Murtha

Pennsylvania Democrats seem to be making a habit of suing to keep people off the ballot. Don’t Democrats often spout rhetoric about how a healthy democracy has more people running for office, and more choices on the ballot? Riiiight.

But at the same time, how silly can you be, to only get 1,000 signatures when you need at least 1,000? With that kind of sloppiness, would Russell have really had much of a chance of defeating Murtha? I suppose we can also thank the Republican establishment in PA for helping Russell so much, since they clearly gave him some great advice about his campaign. Thanks, guys.

Anyway, to keep track of where the Dems stand on “choice”:

“Choice” to kill your children = Good
“Choice” to go to private schools = Bad
“Choice” to marry whatever you want = Good
“Choice” to run for office as a Republican = Bad

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Biggest Burger

Remember that Clearfield, Pa restaurant Denny’s Beer Barrell Pub with the 123 pound burger?

It was a world record.

bilde.jpegAt the time.

Saturday was probably the first time the line at the back of Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate wasn’t for the restrooms.

Dozens of customers — some with a cell phone in each hand ready to take a picture — jockeyed for position just outside the entrance to the kitchen.

They wanted to get the first glimpse at a 134-pound hamburger that could break the Guinness world record for the largest commercially available hamburger.

“Whoa, that’s a big burger,” said Marvetta Howard, 51, of Detroit, who had a seat near the kitchen. “I’m impressed. You don’t often see a Guinness record broken, so I’ll be buying a copy of the book when it comes out.”

The previous record was 123 pounds.

When the final weight was announced, chef Arthur Laramie wiped his brow and cracked a small smile.

“I’ve been cooking all night long,” Laramie said as the monster hamburger made its way to the front of the restaurant on a silver cart. “I just hope they don’t drop it.”

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Murtha: Free

Jack Murtha (D-Okinawa) won’t have a Republican opponent this year.

Tony Phyrillas sums it up.

One slight problem with Russell’s fledgling political career. Pennsylvania law requires a Congressional candidate to gather 1,000 valid signatures to have his or her name placed on the ballot. Russell turned in exactly 1,000 signatures. Anyone involved in politics will tell you that a candidate should gather twice as many signatures as he needs.)

Murtha, who has held the 12th District seat since 1974, filed a court challenge. A judge ruled Tuesday that at least 7 of Russell’s signatures were not valid. That left the Republican challenger with 993 valid signatures and plenty of egg on his face.

Exactly a thousand? Sheesh.

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15 Years Ago – The First Attack on WTC

Fifteen years ago today, the World Trade Center was attacked by Islamic fascists. Their plan? To set off a bomb at the base of one of the towers, causing it to fall into the other tower, destroying them both.

Their bomb went off, and six people were killed. A thousand people were injured, but the World Trade Center was able to survive the blast.

Eight years later, Islamic fascists struck again, and as we all know, that time, they succeeded in destroying the World Trade Center.

We must honor the memories of those Americans who were killed fifteen years ago, and one of the ways in which we should honor their memories is in acknowledging that the war on terror began long before George W. Bush and his “neocons” came into power. To claim otherwise is ridiculously ignorant, and it dishonors the dead. It is nothing but partisan nonsense at the expense of historical fact.

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NePA Blog on eBay


No, not really.

It’s a replica.

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Vice President Tom Ridge?


This would not come entirely out of the blue, if it’s true. McCain mentions Ridge frequently on the trail, and tactically it makes a lot of sense. Ridge was an extremely popular governor in Pennsylvania, and was widely believe to have been on the short list for the VP job in 2000. Also, Ridge is a combat veteran, like McCain. It would set up a strong contrast with a Democratic ticket that may not boast a veteran let alone a war hero.

Senator McCain didn’t check with me this week, but some of you might remember that Ridge was not on my “ok to veep” list. My thinkin was a geographic balance (the south), but more importantly a conservative balance.

The former is definitely not true, and the latter I’m not at all certain.

The big advantage to a Ridge candidacy, is that he might bring a few more points to the GOP table and turn our electoral college votes red.

The current PaWatercooler VP leader, Sarah Palin is well, watch it, but understands it’s unlikely.

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Porking Murtha

In case you had forgotten, Pennsylvania’s most corrupt congresscritter is holding a major fundraising dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pentagon City.  All the big defense contractors will be there with their checkbooks open.  RedState has called upon its readers to crash the affair. Now Americans for Prosperity is joining together with Citizens Against Government Waste and the National Taxpayers Union to hold a taxpayer rally outside the event.

Here’s the announcement:

The rally is scheduled to include Americans for Prosperity’s “Big Pig” to highlight the wasteful pork-barrel spending that is likely to result from Wednesday’s dinner.

Who: Americans for Prosperity, Citizens Against Government Waste and National Taxpayers Union

What: The Murtha Bash – Pork Crash

When: Wednesday, February 27, 2008, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Where: Top of the Pentagon City Metrorail station outside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 1250 South Hayes Street, Arlington, VA 

 Read the whole thing here.

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