Challenging Murtha

William Russell is planning to take on Jack Murtha in next year’s elections. Here’s his statement:

My name is William T Russell. I am running for Congress against John Murtha as a Republican in the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania in the November 2008 election.


I would like to introduce myself to you. I am a family man, a husband, and a father. I am also a small business owner and entrepreneur, as well as an American Soldier….

Read the whole thing here.

I wish him luck, but he has one really big thing against him. He’s not from the area and folks from Pittsylvania can be pretty clannish. I know — I grew up there.

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The Latest "Holiday Tree"

Tony Phyrillas tells us that “The Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia” plans to put up their own “Holiday Tree” this year:

The group’s display is entitled “The Tree of Knowledge” and it will feature a 15-foot evergreen with color copies of book covers as “ornaments.” Some of the book covers will include the Bible, the Quran, “Ethics Without God,” “Why I Am Not a Christian,” and “Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism.”

I, for one, think it’s perfect. A so-called “Tree of Knowledge” covered with empty book covers, ie, pomposity combined with no actual knowledge whatsoever. What a perfect symbol for atheism.

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Hershey's New Product: Crack Cocaine

Sort of.

The Hershey Company is under fire for making a candy that some say resembles crack cocaine.


When Philadelphia narcotics officers first saw the breath mints, called Ice Breakers, they actually ordered a field test to determine its contents because the package looked so much like illegal drugs.


Even veteran narcotics officers acknowledged that they could not tell difference between a package of crack cocaine and the breath mints package when placed side by side.


“It is an exact replication what you see on the street, from the color, to the texture, to the substance itself,” Chief Inspector Bill Blackburn explained.

I’ve never seen crack cocaine first hand, but I’m thinking it looked a lot like “rock candy.

Well, without the cool colors.

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Disenfranchised from YouTube?!?

“The man said he wasn’t going to hurt them, but he wanted to talk to Hillary Clinton.”

This just goes to show you…you can find the wackjobs in the Clinton camp. He should have put his questions on YouTube…well, he’d have had to work for her first. He did call CNN, after all.

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Re: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Dr Rick, I didn’t get to watch the debate (because they’re pretty boring), but I understand the outrage at the CNN dupe-age has inspired some conservative force-joining from Redstate and Human Events.

We have a base of readers who represent the Republican wing of the Republican Party. You – and the Republican Party – deserve to face the questions posed by undecided Republicans, not Democratic activists. We will solicit and obtain YouTube videos from those people and vet each questioner to establish that they are – really – – undecided Republicans. We hope to include soldiers in the field in Iraq, Young Republicans, and others who still have not decided among you.


Today, allow us to make you this offer: We will organize a debate at a time and date amenable to you all. We will work with a national broadcaster to broadcast the debate as well as offer it online. We, not the liberal drive by media, will ensure the questioners are who they say they are. And we will choose them based on criteria that will be fully disclosed to you all which ensure the questioners aren’t activists for any Democratic candidate.


It’s time to start talking to Republican voters about issues that will help them choose the Republican nominee. This could be a very good way to do it.

Read it all

Shouldn’t we have been doing this the whole time?

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Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

My impression of the CNN debates:

 “Hi, my name is Chelsea Clinton, no relation to the Clinton camp, and my question is for all Republicans and how they feel about my mom – err, Hillary Clinton becoming the first female President. Oh, and will they all bow down and kiss her feet when she’s in office?”

Bill Clinton hiding in background, “disguise your voice.” 

I would love, however, to see Monica Lewinski ask Hillary how she feels about marriage between men and women only. Priceless.

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About F'ing Time

Debit cards are coming to SEPTA.

SEPTA took its first tentative step today out of the era of tokens and paper tickets, announcing its plan to award a contract for a “smart card” by the end of next year.


But it is likely to be three years or longer and to cost at least $100 million – based on other cities’ experiences – before SEPTA riders can wave a card at a turnstile and be on their way.


SEPTA officials said today that they would issue requests for smart-card proposals early next year. They want financial institutions and other smart-card makers to offer fare-collection systems that can work on subways, buses, trolleys, regional rail trains and para-transit.


Other transit agencies have been moving toward “contactless” fare systems for years, and SEPTA passengers – and city and state politicians – have grown increasingly impatient with SEPTA’s relative lack of progress.

Having used the subways in Washington and NYC (yesterday), their debit style systems are far superior to the token/transpass system Septa uses.

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JoePa: $500K

Patriot-News has the most important number ever to be revealed.

At a salary of $512,664 a year, Joe Paterno is a bargain, says David Han, the president of the Penn State Alumni Association.


“I think he is a priceless institution,” said Han, of Hummelstown, a vascular surgeon at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. “How do you put a dollar figure on the contributions he has made and continues to make? I don’t think you can do it.”

Um, PennState does that every year since 1966.

Me, it’s hard to get excited about. If he can get it, good for him. Did it need to be a state secret? Probably not.

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Murtha: Surge Is Working

Imagine how well it would have worked if the troops were in Okinawa.

Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), one of the leading anti-war voices in the House Democratic Caucus, is back from a trip to Iraq and he now says the “surge is working.” This could be a huge problem for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democratic leaders, who are blocking approval of the full $200 billion being sought by President Bush for combat operations in Iraq in 2008.


Murtha’s latest comments are also a stark reversal from what he said earlier in the year. The Pennsylvania Democrat, who chairs the powerful Defense Subcommittee on the House Appropriations Committee, has previously stated that the surge “is not working” and the United States faced a military disaster in Iraq.

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Dead Mans Pants

Finding a new Bush would be like wearing a dead mans pants. This Bush was supposed to be the NEW BUSH!!!

It’s awful to consider the disappointing reality that there are no new Reagans.

Anyways, one addendum to the Platform: Making it illegal to surpass the spending allocated in the federal budget unless there is an national crisis or unless the Congress finds a scenario where it is absolutly necessary. And also making it illegal to spend social security funds – ever! 

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