Damned Hippies

What the hell is wrong with people?

Two alleged thieves were caught red-handed after they allegedly stole two dozen plaques honoring veterans.


The unthinkable crime happened over Memorial Day weekend at the Philadelphia Memorial Park in East Whiteland Township.


The two suspects did not have any comment while being escorted out of the Chester County courthouse on Thursday.


Police said the pair allegedly stole plaques honoring veterans from one gravesite after another at the park. The plaques were stolen from veterans who had fought in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.


“The crime is actually desecration of veteraniated objects,” Lt. Chris Yeager of the East Whiteland Township Police Department said.

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Goring Oxen

So let’s get this straight — when a centrist Democrat directly challenges the more obstreperous elements of his Party’s “base” it’s an act of courage, a “Sister Souljah moment”, but when President Bush takes on the immigration restrictionists, it’s an act of betrayal?

Sure seems that way to some. Rush, and Sean, and most particularly Laura Ingraham are going ballistic. Newt’s knickers are in a twist. Movement conservatives are even screaming that Bush is questioning their “patriotism.”


Lets make this clear — restrictionists and exclusionists within the Republican Party have been conducting a smear campaign against the President and the Party leadership for many months now. They, as much as any other factor, were responsible for the Republican defeat last Fall. Now they throw tantrums claiming to represent the “most loyal” supporters of the administration.


Bush is right — this is, at least for many of the professional pols, largely political posturing in an election season. Immigration restriction may play well with some groups and in some parts of the country, but Bush is President of all the country and must consider the general good. I applaud him for his courage and willingness to take the heat in the face of this outrageous display of partisan pique.

Read about the controversy here.

David Frum says the Party has “divorced” Bush here. This is, by my count, the third time that Frum has said something like this — remember his denunciations of Bush over Dubai, over Harriet Miers [a particularly despicable position for him to take and an outrageous display of Ivy League arrogance], even over the use of the term “compassion” in the campaign.

Listen to Laura Ingraham’s rant here.

The “base” has never been comfortable with Bush and many conservative spokesmen have been outspoken in their criticism of anything that deviates from their relatively narrow set of prescriptions. Their position has always been that Bush is a shade less objectionable than the Democrats, and their support has always been grudging. It is absurd for them now to claim to be his “most loyal” supporters. There are lots and lots of us out here who have supported President Bush in large part because of his unwavering devotion to a compassionate, humane set of policies both at home and abroad. We, too, have some claim on the title “most loyal.”

Once again President Bush is acting responsibly and humanely on an issue that affects all Americans, not just the Republican Right Wing. I applaud him for this. His courage in standing up to the extremists in his Party stands in sharp contrast to the craven posturing of the Democrat leadership and some of the Republican candidates.


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Polling Polling Polling!

Al Gore beats Rudy in Pa, but only by 1%.

Other results?

Giuliani / Clinton: 47 – 43
Giuliana / Obama: 45 – 40
Clinton / McCain: 45 – 43
Clinton / Fred!: 50 – 36
McCain / Obama: 42 – 41
McCain / Gore: 44 – 44
Obama / Thompson: 47 – 32
Gore / Thompson: 50 – 35

Novak: Why Fred Thompson?

In his Senate voting record and his public utterances, Thompson is more conservative than Giuliani, McCain or Romney. He takes a hard line on the war against terror (referring in Connecticut to the danger of “suicidal maniacs” crossing open borders) and worries about immigration policy creating a permanent American underclass. His one deviation from the conservative line has been support for the McCain-Feingold campaign reform, much of which he now considers overtaken by current fundraising practices and perhaps irrelevant. Overall, his tone, in a soft Tennessee drawl, is less harsh than that of other Republican candidates — a real-life version of the avuncular fictional D.A. he plays on TV.


Beyond ideology, Thompson envisions a 21st-century campaign, utilizing the Internet more and spending less money than his opponents. When speaking to a friendly audience or ruminating off the record, the 6-foot-7 actor-politician does not look or sound like the GOP’s announced candidates for president. His challenge will be to convey that impression when he appears with opponents on the same stage in the immediate future.

Cato: Is Fred Thompson a Small Government Conservative?

Of course, spending the last several years in Hollywood has enabled Thompson to avoid taking positions on many current issues. Once he gets in the race, Thompson will have to be much more specific about his positions. But, given the fact that McCain, Romney, and Giuliani are clearly big-government conservatives, Thompson has an opportunity to seize the small-government mantle.

A strong contender for “Why Fred!?

Fred Thompson once ended a filibuster by ripping out a Senator’s heart and showing it to him before he died.


With Fred Thompson departing from Law & Order, it’s now being renamed The Cops and Lawyers Fun Hour.

Speaking of questions, Fred! gets to ask some himself.

What do you think America would do if Canadian soldiers were firing dozens of missiles every day into Buffalo, N.Y.? What do you think our response would be if Mexican troops for two years had launched daily rocket attacks on San Diego — and bragged about it?

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CNN sent some reporters to Johnstown to checkout the National Drug Intelligence Center, a Congressman Jack Murtha earmark.

Enjoy. Especially the chyrons… “Boondoggle?”… “Critics say $39 Million Agency is a Waste”

Unfortunately they didn’t really get to the bottom of what goes on.

Plenty of grist for the critics.

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Mail In Voting

… more people voting is great.

Adopting a mail-in voting system could improve Pennsylvania’s anemic voter turnout, the chairwoman of the House State Government Committee said Wednesday.


Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Philadelphia, said she will summon witnesses for hearings on the subject in the coming months.


”It’s a long-term project,” she said. ”I don’t expect we’re going to have universal mail-in voting at the end of this session, and I don’t have any time frame for it except that I want it to happen, and I want to start the conversation.”

But how about more informed voters?

I’m not just saying informed about the issues.

I’m saying informed about the process.

I can’t tell you how many times I was asked how to vote a straight ticket on May 15th.


oh and then there’s that pesky idea of actually knowing who cast the ballot…. but we’ll let that slide.

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Re: HE's In!

I’m thrilled that Fred Thompson is running.  It’s about time I had someone to cheer for in this race.  Now the real work begins. 

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Re: He's IN!


And not just…you know…because:

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson

It’s also because of the name.

‘Bout damn time someone named Fred ran this country.

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Talkin' 'Bout Immigration

… with apologies to the Who.

People try to put us d-down.
(talkin’ ’bout immigration)
Just because we get around
(talkin’ ’bout immigration)
Things they do look awful c-c-cold
(talkin’ ’bout immigration)
I hope I die before I get old
(talkin’ ’bout immigration)

Actually, State Rep Daryl Metcalfe will be on PCN on Thursday May 31st night at 7pm …

to answer questions and provide a complete status update on his latest state and national efforts to secure America’s borders by eliminating all economic attractions for illegal aliens.

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SEPTA Funding

Why is this statement controversial?

The chairman of the state Senate Transportation Committee yesterday criticized the SEPTA board for delaying its approval of a fare hike, saying the strategy could endanger legislative support for more transit funding.


SEPTA must do its share by raising fares and trimming costs – the state cannot be expected to shoulder the entirety of the funding problem” Sen. Roger Madigan (R., Bradford) said in a statement. “Delaying action won’t change that fact and only raises further concerns about how we can come to a solution.”

I think it’s an unreasonable position for SEPTA (or any of the transit agencies for that matter) to expect the state to cover their costs.

At best, SEPTA serves the Philadelphia metro area, and runs service to Wilmington DE under contract to DelDOT. The metro area ought to pony up. Starting with the agency cutting costs and then raising fares on the riders.

Why should Centre County subsidize someone’s trip down Broad Street?

Under the proposal that the SEPTA board will reconsider next month, the base cash fare would remain $2 and tokens $1.30 for bus and subway riders. But 60-cent paper transfers would be discontinued, meaning riders who wish to transfer – most often within the city limits – would have to use an additional token or a daily, weekly or monthly pass. The cost of passes would rise about 11 percent.


For Regional Rail passengers, new fares would mean an increase in peak and off-peak ticket prices. For Zone 3, the most popular, a one-way peak ticket would cost $5, up from the current $4.50, while an off-peak ticket would cost $4.25, up from $3.75. Riders who buy tickets aboard trains would pay a surcharge even if there are no ticket sales at their stations.


SEPTA also is expected to approve its more draconian Plan B, which Deon said would take effect by the end of the summer if the legislature does not provide the extra $100 million for the agency. That plan would increase fares an average 24 percent above current levels, cut service by 20 percent, and eliminate about 1,000 jobs.

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Voters Prefer Another Tax Shift


Fifty-six percent of voters support the governor’s proposal to increase the statewide sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, while 39 percent oppose it, the survey found.


At the same time, the poll highlighted a conflict between the desire to increase state spending for public schools , voiced by 52 percent of voters , and the desire for property tax reform, considered “very important” by 57 percent, said Clay Richards, assistant director of the university’s polling institute.


“The answer that is most acceptable to the voters is to raise the sales tax, and while 56 percent is a clear majority, it’s also no overwhelming mandate” for such an increase, Richards said.

Sales taxes are an imminently more fair method of taxation. You can control your level of tax payment AND it encourages saving… also a good thing.

However, it’s easily avoided. Why wouldn’t I go to Delaware to buy big ticket items? It’s a battle between sloth and greed… and of course there’s the Internet. Where sloth and greed combine in an unholy money saving union.

In anycase, I suspect that as long as property taxes are not prevented from rising in the future, this sales tax hike will go down as well. Raise the sales tax 1% here, and then raise the property taxes BACK in a few more. Bullshit.

Eliminate the property tax and let people actually own their backyard, instead of renting it from the government(s).

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