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A majority of U.S. high school students say they get bored in class every day, and more than one out of five has considered dropping out, according to a survey released Wednesday.


The survey of 81,000 students in 26 states found two-thirds of high school students complain of boredom, usually because the subject matter was irrelevant or their teachers didn’t seem to care about them.

In related polling, 95% of Americans hate working and 100% have contemplated quitting.

One wonders how much this survey cost, and who paid for it.

Update: Some non-bored high school students.

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A Scam At Best

The Norristown Times-Herald is pissed.

Act 1 has become just another boondoggle from the Rendell administration in an attempt to appear as if property tax relief is on its way to the residents of Pennsylvania.


Most of the tax study commissions in our area have finished their work and most are recommending an increase in the earned income tax to offset a reduction in the property tax.


The idea is that seniors on fixed incomes are no longer wage earners, so they’ll see their property taxes reduced. Unfortunately, a good portion of the wage earners in our area could very well see an increase in the taxes they pay because the increase in the earned income tax, especially in a two-wage earner household, will be greater than the reduction in the property tax.


This simply is not property tax relief. The very little decrease in the property tax seniors will realize is token at best, ranging anywhere from $300 to $800 a year. That’s a proverbial drop in the bucket compared to the total amount of property taxes most people pay.


Where is the relief?

They’re actually calling it Operation Tax Scam, and want you to talk to them.

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Keepin' It In the Family

A man was shot in the hand by his own grandfather when he broke into the older man’s home to steal beer and liquor, police said.


Darin D’Marcus Thompson, 18, of Camp Hill, was charged Wednesday with breaking into the home early Tuesday morning. Police said the grandfather, Herbert Miller, did not realize he had shot his own grandson until authorities told him who the intruder was.


Thompson broke in through a basement window and was going through a liquor cabinet when the noise alerted Miller, according to a court affidavit. Miller pursued Thompson into a darkened garage, then shot him, authorities said.

It doesn’t say where he was shot, but I’m guessing “in the back” would not be a good thing for the grandfather.

The kid faces charges, I imagine the grandfather will be ok. Well, as OK as one would be for shooting your grandson in the dark.

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P-G Supports Academic Freedom! Sometimes

This column in today’s Post-Gazette needs to be saved and used against them in the future:

P-G: Everyone’s right: Even teachers deserve to exercise free speech

Today, the P-G is very upset that some Arizona Republicans are trying to stop teachers from giving their personal political opinions in the classroom.  According to the P-G, teachers should have the fundamental right to free speech, even in class, and that anything less, to paraphrase the P-G, is a perversion of civil rights!

I’ll remember this the next time the P-G tells us that teachers have no right to talk about Intelligent Design, or pro-life, or the defense of marriage, or Christianity in general in the classroom.   I’ll remember it, and I’ll mail their own column to them showing them what hypocrites they are.

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Re: Blue State PA

Alex, the problem with Pennsylvania, and many other states, is voter ignorance.  While a majority of PA voters are registered Democrats, a good percentage of those Dems hold conservative views.  Yet in spite of their conservative views, they go out every election and vote straight Democrat.

I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that a vote for a Democrat, even a vote for a “moderate” like Bobby Casey, is a vote for conservative values is extremely ignorant when it comes to politics.  The modern Democrat Party, regardless of what it used to stand for, is currently the party of socialism, surrender, and abortion.  They’re more interested in fighting Bush and Cheney then they are in fighting Islamic fascists and Communist dictators.

Every single day I read the letters in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which seem to radiate pure hatred toward President Bush and Republicans in general.  It’s practically obscene, and would definitely be considered “hate speech” if directed at Democrats.  This insanity is almost certainly influencing conservative Democrats who don’t know any better.

I would bet that if we took a poll asking Casey voters why they voted for Casey, most of them would either answer “To get rid of Santorum” or “I don’t know”.  Santorum was that evil guy with the “R” after his name, who likes George “Super Hitler” Bush, and who had the audacity to actually be conservative on social issues and on national defense.

I have no doubt that thousands of the folks who went out to vote against Santorum agreed with his views, but didn’t even know what those views were – all they knew was that that Santorum guy was a loathsome, evil person.  And they “knew” that because the PA media and the Democrat Party told them so.  It’s completely absurd, but it’s exactly what’s been going on.

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America Supports You

I’ve been meaning to link to this site for a while….

It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to help the troops out abroad.

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Is Pa a Blue State?

Maybe Purplish.

If the 2008 presidential election were held today, Republicans John McCain or Rudy Giuliani would beat Democratic front-runners Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, according to the latest Daily News/Keystone Poll.


No Republican presidential candidate has won Pennsylvania since George H.W. Bush beat Michael Dukakis in 1988.


In the presidential showdown, Sen. McCain beat Sen. Clinton 45 percent to 41 percent and beat Sen. Obama 43 percent to 37 percent.


Former New York City mayor Giuliani proved even more popular. He beat Clinton 53 to 37 percent and beat Obama 52 percent to 32 percent.


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Re: MontcoWatch

As expected, the second Bob Guzzardi hit piece came out this week. Yesterday actually.

And this one aims squarely at Bruce Castor via the fundraiser at my home last week.

Click to read more and see the mailer…


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Daily Montco Post

It’s time for your daily Montco politics post.

This time courtesy of the Morning Call.

‘If you look at the way they are running their primary, it seems strictly a fight about controlling courthouse jobs for political workers and no-bid contracts for Republican donors,” said Hoeffel, who resigned from a six-figure state job in Harrisburg to run for commissioner again. ”That’s a pretty lame basis for a campaign.”


Montgomery County Commissioner Chairman Thomas Jay Ellis, a Republican incumbent also seeking reelection, said the commissioners have acted bipartisanly, with Damsker voting with the GOP majority on nearly every action. He also contended county government is open, pointing to the broadcast of commissioners meetings on cable television as proof of that. Hoeffel’s criticism is recycled from previous commissioners, Ellis said.


”This is the old political battle Joe Hoeffel is used to,” Ellis said. ”That’s what he’s always run on and that’s what I’d expect him to run on again.”

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Meth Bust In Lehigh Valley High School

A middle school principal was taken into police custody after allegedly selling meth out of his school office, according to police and The Allentown Morning Call newspaper.


Police said John Acerra was arrested, and the Lehigh Valley-based newspaper reported that the Nitschmann Middle School principal sold crystal methamphetamine to police informants three times this month. The article said he sold it once out of his school office.

Are school prinicipals unionized? Another argument for higher pay? 😉

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