Lebanon Snooker

A case for crossing the aisle?

Or complete and utter bullshit.

You decide.

As a Republican and strong McCain supporter in 2000, I was disappointed and saddened in 2004 when McCain permanently traded in his maverick credentials and sold out his principles to support George W. Bush. I now find it equally disturbing to see him gamble our security and future with a reckless choice for a running mate.

Gov. Sarah Palin clearly has a bright future in politics. She may even have the depth and diversity of experience to be a vice-presidential candidate four years from now.

The McCain ticket, with all of its newfound “freshness” and despite all of the claims, has quickly devolved into the politics-as-usual that we have come to expect in the last eight years. McCain and Palin quickly emerged from the rhetoric of their convention as the uniters of dividers.

I talk politics with a lot of people from all walks of life. I find it compelling that many of the ordinary Republicans I talk to understand that their families cannot afford another four years like the last eight. We all deserve better.

Christopher Tarsa

As fortune would have it, the page lists Christopher Tarsa’s side job.

Chairman of the Lebanon County Democrat Committee.

Rush calls these kinds of people “seminar callers”… and they all have a similar format.
* Express that you’re a long time X (listener, Republican, etc)
* Some faint praise to establish bona-fides.
* Throw in the anti-X talking points

How much of a tool does Chris Tarsa have to be to send a form letter like this with his own name on it?

Tip to James Taranto.

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Remember, remember! Before its November!

While the leftist lunatics are lauding the leader of the Obama Nation this week, let’s not forget what he said about middle-class, Central Pennsylvanians:

…when small-town Americans lose their jobs they become bitter and “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigration sentiment or anti-trade sentiment.”[1]

The original story is here.

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Dauphin County Going Blue

Lowman Henry wrote a great piece on Dauphin County’s voter registration now being majority Democrat. If you are interested in see the voter registration for south central PA, the Patriot did a quick compliation. Here’s what you’ll note when you look at these numbers, only Lebanon and York have increased Republican registrations in the last 4 years. Having said that, Democrat registration has still outpaced Republican registrations in those two counties. In Cumberland, Lancaster, and Perry, not only have the Democrats been doing their own surge of voter registrations, but the Republican registration numbers have actually decreased since 2004 – making the impact even bigger.

The question then becomes why is all of this happening? Lowman Henry hits the nail on the head. I’ll offer my own insight as well, since I’m a voter who set himself free from the GOP in 2006 to become an Independent. Let me first point to another article in today’s Patriot. Chris Lilik of Young Conservatives of PA hits the nail on the head as to why Republicans are loosing races and the voter registration edge:

“I think this is a warning sign that Republicans need to do a better job of distinguishing their brand,” he said. “I think the Republican Party in general needs to get back to its roots of lower taxes, smaller government and traditional values.”

And yet, with loses in the voter registration, the GOP “leadership” still doesn’t understand. Here’s a classic example from the same article:

State and county Republicans say their party is in the process of rolling out a plan to woo voters back to the party, an effort that Dauphin County GOP Chairman John McNally said will be motivated by news of registered Democrats eclipsing Republicans.

Mike Barley, a spokesman for the state Republican Party, said that two weeks ago the party obtained a list of all members who switched before the primary, and a mailer will be sent out asking them to return.

From November 2007 to this year’s May primary, the Republican Party lost 58,119 registered voters statewide, Barley said. He said recouping those voters is not going to be “an overnight thing.”

Chairman McNally, let me ask you a question – Why on earth were you only motivated by the news of D’s out registering Rs? You’re the statewide chair of Republican voter registration, and your county not only lost Republican voters, but switched majorities.

Question for you Mike Barley – a mailer? That’s it? Are you kidding me? That’s like having a restaurant that is failing because the food gives you the runs and putting out a mailing to let everyone know that you are running a special all you can buffet. People aren’t going to go just because of the mailer. Frankly, that’s arrogant. It also shows that the current leadership of the GOP has an entitlement mentality – they are entitled to these voters – they don’t think they have to work hard to win the hearts and minds of people. That is why the GOP is sinking – arrogance. And guess what, the grassroots has had enough – they are going elsewhere. Secondly, it’s June, the primary was in April and people switched registrations in March. Why on earth did the state GOP wait so dang long to get moving on this? That slowness to respond tells me, the party really doesn’t care. Let’s get this straight – you wait three months to get a voter list and all you are going to do is a mailer? Anyone who switches back deserves crappy leadership – that’s poor customer service. It’s also evident that these people have no concept of customer loyalty.

As I’ve stated many times on the discussion board – if the GOP in this state were a public company, the board of directors would have fired the management a long time ago. But we don’t run political parties like companies – that would mean the establishment would have to be open to change, innovation, and getting off their asses and working hard. No instead, the party takes a 20th century mentality approach.

Here’s a newsflash to the GOP (not that they will listen to me, but atleast I can say did my job and informed them). The GOP is not the center of the universe. In this age of freedom and branding, it is the consumer who is the center of the universe – they are in control. They don’t have to settle for crappy choices anymore. Success comes to those who are able to communicate effectively with customers on the customers’ terms about what the customer wants. We are now in the permission age. Marketing is all about getting permission to talk with the customer because you have something to say that the customer wants to hear. The GOP is still attempting to do things the old way of interrupting people and telling them what the GOP wants them to hear. That age is over and if the GOP leadership doesn’t wake, get over how great they think they are, clean house and put in people who understand the new dynamic, the GOP will be in the minorty for a very long time – if it survives at all.

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Change & Hope

What to do during your gap year?

Students at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are being presented with a new opportunity to indulge in what is being called a “gap year.” An idea popular in Europe, the “gap year” is a year taken off from studies between high school and the first year of college. That year is supposedly spent traveling or doing volunteer work. To regulate this, the college gives credit to the students for approved “gap year” activities, one of which is volunteering for the Barack Obama presidential campaign. No mention of allowing the same benefit for a volunteer to John McCain’s campaign is made, naturally.

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Re: Dems 4 McCain

RightWingChicky writes in…

We conservatives need to stop whining about what McCain is not and start embracing who he is. All through the primary we were searching for the “perfect” candidate. No one measured up for all of us and thus we were fractured and McCain prevailed. He is not the conservative’s candidate but he is the candidate we need to support. His love of this country and his patriotism is evident. His sacrifices far outweigh mine and he deserves our admiration for his lifelong service. It’s time to suck it up and rally around him. (At least he loves this country; we have that much in common)

She also added regarding the video:

Did you tell her when to hold the sign up? She’s good!

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The Friendly Skies


A flight attendant and an airline pilot only face fines of $300 each after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct charges stemming from to a nighttime romp in the woods in Pennsylvania last month.

Jeffrey Bradford and Adrianna Connor declined to comment as they left the Dauphin County Courthouse on Monday. Connor’s attorney, J. Michael Sheldon, says he’s pleased the case was resolved.

Police say the Pinnacle Airlines employees were at a suburban Harrisburg diner May 28 before they apparently decided to walk into the woods and have sex. Bradford was later found hiding behind a shed wearing only flip-flops and a wristwatch.

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Cumberland County Commissioner Already Fighting?

The Sentinel posted an article about Commissioner Gary Eichelberger not showing up for newly appointed Commissioner Barb Cross’ swearing in this afternoon. One could speculate for hours as to why he didn’t show up. Here’s part of his prepared comments from the story:

Eichelberger also cited Cross’ past support for last year’s Republican challenger, Karen Gunnison, and said he hopes the differences they had are in the past. He expressed a wish for county government to move forward.

Great way to start a new era here in Cumberland County. We’ll see what happens.

The biggest winner of all this may be Democrat Commissioner Rick Rovegno.

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Identity and Politics Forum

I’ve been invited to be a panelist for the the Identity and The Body Politic Forum at the Good Life Cafe, on N. Hanover St. in Carlisle this evening, April 16th.  The program starts at 8pm.  Come join the discussion – it should be a good time.

Identity and The Body Politic

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NEWS FLASH: Hillary is from Pennsylvania!

In an ad airing in the SWB market, Hilllary Clinton tells us that she is from Pennsylvania.

This is me in Scranton, where my father was raised, and my grandfather worked in the lace mill.

Every August, we’d pile into the car and head to our cottage on Lake Winola.

There was no heat, or indoor shower-just the joy of family.

No outdoor plumbing!

She’s probably always been an Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees fan; it’s doubtless that to fund her way through Wellesley College, she used to spend her summers working in a steel mill in Bethlehem, where she was born.

What a piece of work that one is.

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Amish Sensibilities

What in the world?

A hotel and store in Lancaster County are assessing the damage after a naked man ran amok and allegedly did thousands of dollars worth of damage to two businesses.

West Lampeter Township police said they were dispatched to the Willow Valley Resort, and later Darrenkamp’s Market, on Friday amid reports of a naked man on a rampage.

Some office space at the resort was trashed and a forklift was driven into an interior wall, also damaging an overhead sewer pipe, authorities said.

Police said the man, whom they identified as Nicholas Hadzick, 28, of Freeland, then crossed the street and entered Darrenkamp’s in the Willow Valley Shopping Center, causing more destruction.

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