Running Away From Their Records, Democrats Get Personal

Desperate and baseless attacks are backfiring on Dems across the state

Vice President Joe Biden visited Delaware County this week, stumping for Democratic congressional candidate Bryan Lentz.  In his remarks, Biden blamed the Bush Administration for the nations’ economic woes, further chastising the GOP for not “getting it.”

As far as not getting it, it remained unclear as to which Bush Administration Biden was referring.  But why stop at Bush I?  Why not blame Nixon and Cal Coolidge, too?

The Veep, in an attempt to rally his troops, emphatically stated that those reports (READ: every single poll) predicting the death of the Democratic Party are “greatly exaggerated,” and that his Party would “continue” digging America out of its hole.

“Continue”?  Wait…when did they start?


There were two unmistakable messages that emerged from Biden’s speech:

1)      He can reference Mark Twain, and

2)      His Party is completely bereft of ideas, without the slightest clue as to how to right the ship.

Neither one is very helpful come Election Day.

Point Two is not a new revelation, however, as most Democratic incumbents have known this for quite some time.  Since they know it’s childish and ineffective to blame prior administrations for today’s recession, especially in light of mammoth spending and crushing new taxes instituted under total Democratic control, these seasoned pols inherently understand that they can’t run on their records.

Hence, dirty campaigns have hit an all-time high.

Just when you think the wool can be pulled over Americans’ eyes, and that they are easily manipulated, they surprise you.  Next Tuesday will be one of those times.

The Democrats aren’t going to lose control of congress, the state house and the Pennsylvania governorship just on the issues alone (although that will play a huge role), but because of something much more basic: lack of credibility and good judgment.  Kind of how the Republicans operated in 2006 and 2008.

More than ever, folks are looking for honest change and aggressive leadership on the issue that matters most — getting the economic engine started again.  Instead of discussing solutions, however, many Democrats have resorted to the low-blow tactics so despised by voters.

Consider these Democratic campaign doozies playing out all around us:

  • Bryan Lentz is giving Pat Meehan a run for his money in the 7th district, but rather than compete on the merits of their man’s vision, Lentz’ supporters actively recruited a conservative tea-party activist to run as a third party candidate. Stacking a primary field where most candidates agree on the issues is one thing, but doing so in a general election is tantamount to admitting your campaign platform is bankrupt of ideas.  Sure, all’s fair in war and politics, but this disingenuous move will likely send Lentz to defeat.


  • In northeast Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district, incumbent Chris Carney’s “conservative BlueDog” Democrat veneer has been stripped off by former U.S. Attorney Tom Marino, with several polls showing Marino slightly ahead.  Carney loves to tell the voters of the Republican district that he’s not a liberal, yet refuses to run on his record of voting for the federal stimulus and Obamacare — and his 93% alignment with Ms. San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi. 

Instead, he has chosen to run ads attacking Marino’s relationship with a local businessman who was convicted of a crime over three decades ago, and one in which no jail time was given. Marino was unequivocally up front about this friendship —years ago — yet Carney portrays Marino’s friendship as a “breaking news” damaging revelation, wildly taking the situation out of context.  Carney’s smear campaign has rightly backfired, and despite a huge money disadvantage, Marino continues to hold his own.


  • In Pennsylvania’s 151st state legislative district in Montgomery County, GOP challenger Todd Stephens, a former Assistant District Attorney, is running neck-and-neck with incumbent Rick Taylor. (Stephens lost to Taylor by only 400 votes in 2008). In a disgraceful —and utterly baseless —attack, the Taylor campaign slammed Stephens for his role in a 2009 high-profile murder case where one of the defendants wasn’t convicted. 

A local newspaper editorial wrote that Taylor’s charge was “pure fabrication,” and in an unprecedented move, District Attorney Risa Ferman called the Taylor line-of-attack “a complete, flat-out lie.” Even the son of the murder victim was content with Stephen’s performance.

Taylor’s slanderous attack politicizing a man’s murder was so off-base that Taylor is reeling uncontrollably — as he should be.  Even for politics, this is beyond the pale, and Taylor needs to be sent to the unemployment line.


  • Perhaps most bizarre is the attack against former State Representative Jay Moyer, who is attempting to reclaim his seat in this Montgomery County district.  Rather than discuss the state’s imploding financial situation which he helped create, however, incumbent Democrat Matt Bradford has continually slammed Moyer as “Jaguar Jay.”  Why?  Because Moyer….

Read the rest and post a comment at Philly Mag’s Philly Post:


Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau,

Readers of his column, “Freindly Fire,” hail from six continents, thirty countries and all fifty states. His work has been referenced in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, foreign newspapers, and in Dick Morris’ recent bestseller “Catastrophe.”

Freind, whose column appears nationally in Newsmax, also serves as a guest commentator on Philadelphia-area talk radio shows, and makes numerous other television and radio appearances, most notably on FOX.  He can be reached at

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Scranton’s Catholic Hospitals

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Scranton’s Catholic Hospitals

Jeffery Lord explains the whole situation in Scranton.

A mushrooming political battle over ObamaCare involving the White House, two incumbent Pennsylvania congressmen, three Catholic hospitals and a nun has just exploded in, of all places, Scranton, Pennsylvania. Charges from the Scranton medical community of intimidation by the Obama White House and its allies are filling the air.

All of this just as Vice President Joe Biden arrives in Scranton today to raise money for one of the participants.
There are two issues at the core of the controversy.

1. ObamaCare and the sale of three Scranton-area Catholic hospitals.

2. The re-election prospects of the two House members, Democrats Paul Kanjorski and Chris Carney, both of whom cast key votes to pass ObamaCare.

Its long, but read the whole thing.

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Name That Party: The NEPa Edition

TIme for another edition of America’s favorite game show, Name That Party!

A story from

Home > News > County by County
Laid-off Workers: Lawmaker Stiffed Us
By Dave Bohman
6:14 PM EDT, October 1, 2010

Some laid-off restaurant workers in Scranton are also crying foul. They say their former boss, State Representative Ken Smith was delinquent paying into a trust fund that provides them unemployment benefits.

Smith claims he will fix the problem, but some former workers said they are still owed paychecks, and an apology, because Smith’s failure to pay into the unemployment fund made it hard to get the benefits to which they were entitled.

For 41 years Jimmy Ware washed dishes at Smith’s Restaurant in south Scranton. When Smith’s abruptly shut down this summer a week after a sheriff’s sale Ware never got his last paycheck.

“It’s hard. I mean, I’m not working, and I’ve got nothing coming in, pay or nothing,” Ware said.

When his caretaker filed for unemployment benefits the state initially told Ware no.

Restaurant owner Ken Smith deducted money from unemployment insurance from workers paychecks but Smith did not pay that money to the state.

“He should know to pay it, and that was his fault not to do it, putting in to it,” Ware added.

“This is something that I will take care of. I don’t walk away from my commitments, and this will be satisfied,” Smith said. When pressed about when the situation would be rectified, Smith added, “Very shortly.”

Former workers said they need the money shortly. Most eked out a living, making a fraction of the $78,000 Smith gets paid as a state representative.

A state rep.

A state rep.

If you read the whole article, you’d have no idea. But long time plays know, that if Ken Smith’s party is not identified, it’s because he’s a Democrat.

Thanks for playing!

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English As The Official Language? Not In Pennsylvania

There’s an old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Seems logical. 

After all, if you find yourself living in a foreign country, common sense tells you that you should be aware of that nation’s laws and customs and yes, quickly familiarize yourself with its language.

Deliberate ignorance of these things defies rationality, and, of course, should never be rewarded.

Just imagine how an Italian moving to France, for example, would be viewed if he found official French government documents written in… French, and French workers who spoke…French.

What if, in disgust, he wrote to his friends back home, asking, “What is this?  These application forms are in FRENCH!  Who do these people think they are to have official government documents printed only in their own language?  I am entitled — it is my right — to be able to read everything in MY language!  What is the world coming to when racist governments ignore my individual wants and needs?”

And do you know what response he would — and should — receive?

“Si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more; si fueris alibi, vivito sicut ibi.”  Translation: “In Rome, live in the Roman manner; if you are elsewhere, live as they do elsewhere.”

So why is it that the whole world abides by that rule — except the United States?

The latest example occurred in Forty Fort last week.  The borough council in that northeastern Pennsylvania town voted down a proposal to make English the official language for government business.


Not to be outdone as the center of attention, another northeast PA town also made news when Hazelton’s immigration ordinances requiring landlords to check renters’ immigration status were struck down by a federal appeals court.  The misguided judges also decreed that Hazelton could not require businesses to use an electronic database to verify whether potential employees are authorized to work.

The court’s rationale? That the town was infringing on the federal government’s right to control immigration rules.

There’s only one small problem:  The federal government hasn’t controlled the now-widespread illegal invader problem in decades, and cities such as Hazelton, reeling and on the verge of bankruptcy because of the fed’s abdication on this issue, are fighting back.

The court’s ruling is like telling citizens they can’t have guns to protect themselves because that’s the job of the police — where no police force exists.

It just doesn’t work.


As long as we’re on the topic of Rome, it’s important to remember why the Empire disintegrated.  It wasn’t because of outside invasion, but from internal decay. Rome lost its way after abandoning its values; when that occurred, it was only a matter of time.  Rome was doomed to fall.

Why then, after the benefit of seeing the mistakes of others, would we choose a path of self-destruction?


Ronald Reagan said it best when he stated, “A nation without borders isn’t a nation.”  He didn’t know how right he was, nor could he have seen how much his country inexplicably would run in the opposite direction of that philosophy.

When a nation voluntarily relinquishes its culture and language, bowing to the altar of appeasement in order not to “offend,” it loses the very essence which makes it unique, and surrenders its identity.

And that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Rather than celebrate what makes our country the most desirable on Earth, the marshals of political correctness are relentlessly pushing to homogenize America, making it all things to all people. 

The irony, of course, is that for hundreds of years, immigrants have risked their lives to come to this nation, for the simple reason that America was…America. There has never been a country like it before, and there never will be again. Those that made it kissed the ground in thanks, for they knew they were the lucky few.

And those people were, and are, the backbone of America.

But now, in an attempt to coddle minorities and illegal immigrants — for less than noble reasons — some government officials are hellbent on erasing all that made America great, choosing to turn our land into one without respect for the rule of law. 


Is it any wonder why so many second and third generation Americans do not speak the native tongue of their ancestors? Because those who left everything behind to start a new life in America were happy to be here, and wanted their children to reap the rewards that this magnificent land had to offer.  They instinctively knew that, at the risk of losing some of their Old World culture, their children could only achieve greatness if they viewed themselves as American.  It was a branding they wanted to have.

What a pity that we have devolved so much.

Now, our government conveniently ignores the law — and the will of the people — to appease an obnoxiously loud but extremely small minority.  But the bigger problem is…

Read the rest and post a comment at Philadelphia Magazine’s Philly Post:


Chris Freind is an independent columnist and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau,

Readers of his column, “Freindly Fire,” hail from six continents, thirty countries and all fifty states. His work has been referenced in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, foreign newspapers, and in Dick Morris’ recent bestseller “Catastrophe.”

Freind also serves as a weekly guest commentator on the Philadelphia-area talk radio show, Political Talk (WCHE 1520), and makes numerous other television and radio appearances, most notably on FOX 29.  He can be reached at

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Defeat from the Jaws of Victory? A Potentially Self-Fulfilling Prophesy.

One of my longstanding fears and complaints about Republican politics is the tendency to give up on Congressional districts too soon.  Congressional Quarterly hints that the NRCC may not be terribly interested in the 10th district race:

The National Republican Congressional Committee did not target the 10th district as part of a $22 million fall media blitz announced Tuesday targeting vulnerable Democratic incumbents. And Carney notes that his race has dropped off many lists of top flip opportunities.

A strong fundraising performance, however, could shift the tide.

“I’d resist the temptation to cast judgment on the initial buy. Consider this is a down payment on what is to come in the fall,” one NRCC official said. “The playing field is expanding, and we plan to be on offense as we continue to close the financial gap in the final weeks.”

But Carney, who says he has more than $1 million in the bank, launched a $60,000 television buy last week. He will be on TV from now through the election — save the one week he’ll serve on active duty in September.

So if we’re to believe the recent polling, Marino is up 52 to 37.  The district is R+8 on the Cook PVI.  In 2004, Kerry lost that district by 20 points.

Despite his folksy, blue-jeaned affectation, Carney is no moderate.  Despite being pro-gun and pro-life*, Carney has pulled a mere 22.67 Lifetime ACU-scoreThat puts him on par with Altmire (ACU 24), Kanjo (20.58) and Mike Doyle (18.24).

* – (Vote for Obamacare of dubious pro-life status, as contributors to this blog have pointed out.  Oh, and by the way, did I mention that he voted for the massively unpopular Obamacare?)

But Marino has only about $11-k on hand, compared to Carney’s ~$1-mil.  And the NRCC doesn’t want to help the dude out?  Carney will be on TV all fall pretending to be a moderate, and Marino won’t have any ammo to refute this.

Can’t somebody make the case that Carney is really a big lib masquerading as a moderate?  How can we let him continue to get away with that charade?

This one ought to be a lay-up, yet it’s falling off the radar.

What are these people smoking?

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Stupid Carnies

The Inky is reporting on a carnival game of very questionable taste:

Because of what he now calls “an error in judgment,” a Lehigh Valley carnival operator has sparked an outcry by running at summer church carnivals and fire department fund-raisers a shooting-gallery game that featured a President Obama-like figure.

“I didn’t think it was offensive, and you know, I made the wrong judgment on it,” Irvin L. Good Jr., 68, said Wednesday. “And that’s all I can say about it. We did away with it, and I’m apologizing to everybody in the world, I think.”

Good, who has operated Goodtime Amusements in Hellertown for 26 years, said he used the Alien Attack game for about five weeks without hearing complaints.

Then, at a July 24 carnival at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Roseto, Kathryn Chapman, there with her family, noticed that one of the win-a-prize painted targets was a black man wearing a suit with a rolled-up “health bill” in one hand – and an eagle-emblazoned belt buckle reading, “The Prez Says.”

Error in judgment my a$$; my gut says this jerk knew exactly what he was doing and why. Here’s the game:

Now in spite of the fact that the ears are all wrong on this “likeness,” I think it’s pretty clear that Irvin Good intended this to be an image of Barack Obama. This is a pretty disgusting thing to do and in no way should it be excused. Irvin Good is clearly a moron.

Regardless of whatever Good’s intent was with his carnival game, what he has actually succeeded in doing with his little stunt is inspiring all sorts of hyperventilating from the left, who have now begun to ascribe this act of colossal stupidity to all of Christianity (because the game was in use at a church fair), the Tea Party and Conservatives in general. This is how it works now: one idiot defines a movement on the right. So way to go, Irvin Good. Way to refute those ubiquitous and unfair smears of racism against an entire movement of honest, decent people. You will now be held up as proof positive of the Right’s intolerance by the unthinking, anonymous robo-trolls of the lefty blogoshpere as they perpetuate the meme. Here are some of the notable comments on the Inky’s site:

I guess that’s what “they” do for entertainment… whey they’re not clutching their bibles and assault rifles for comfort.

Ironic isn’t it, that so many that were so critical of Bush, Cheney, Palin, etc are now offended when the shoe is on the other foot. What was it that they always said? Oh, that’s right, it’s ‘satire’. Pot, meet kettle!

We all know that the Allentown area has been known for years to be the capital for the KKK.

Here’s some from NBC10:

Hillbillies and bible thumpers have to take their aggressions out somehow!

Now, now Mr. Irwin Good, Jr. let’s be honest! You were well aware of who the “alien” represented and you were called on it! Saying, “I voted for him.” is like saying, “I’m not racist, my best friend is black.” Usually means you’re racist. If that is the case you are entitled but to expose children to your hatred is unacceptable.

And here’s Kathryn Chapman, the whistle-blower who sent the pictures of the game to the local newspaper, now apparently suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome:

Chapman, who said she was a third-grader at Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s school on the day President John F. Kennedy was shot, said seeing children and adults shooting at the target conjured up bad memories.

“That was incredibly disturbing to me that they would have this type of carnival game for children to be able to play,” said Chapman, now a mother living in Massachusetts. “Even little kids, third- and fourth-graders, a lot of kids know who the president of the United States is.”

Color me as outraged as anyone that this game was even in use; there is nothing remotely amusing about taking target practice at the President of the United States. However, lets not overplay this hand, shall we? The definition of bigotry cuts both ways; the right should not be defined by kooky elements of its fringe any more than the left should be defined by it’s own fringe elements. 

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On good uses of political advertising dollars

A good billboard:
A better billboard:
Found at the intersection of Routes 6 and 11 in the heart of PA’s 10th District
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Kitty Piercer On Trial

The pictures certainly are cute.

A northeastern Pennsylvania woman is heading to trial on animal cruelty charges for marketing “gothic kittens” with ear and neck piercings over the Internet.

Thirty-five-year-old dog groomer Holly Crawford is scheduled for trial Tuesday in Wilkes-Barre.

Prosecutors say she inflicted pain on the cats to make money. Attorneys for Crawford say she didn’t act maliciously.

The rumors that Ms Crawford will be the backup quarter-back for the Philadelphia Eagles are unfounded.

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McCain Courting Carney to Convert

Well that’s quite interesting.

Democratic Rep. Chris Carney received a phone call Wednesday from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) asking him to consider becoming a Republican, a top GOP official told POLITICO.

A spokesman for Carney declined to say if the congressman was considering such a switch.

“No further comment at this time,” said Carney spokesman Josh Drobnyk, who would only confirm that the call took place.

In a brief interview, McCain declined to offer details about the conversation.

“I just said, ‘Whatever you do, I know that you’ll make the right decision for the country,’” said the Arizonan.

A source familiar with the call said that Republicans thought Carney might be susceptible to McCain’s entreaty because, like the senator, the 50-year-old House member served in the Navy.

(tip to Ace)

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