More Pennsylvania Pictures

My wife just remarked — “It’s the weekend, are you going to post more pictures?” Here goes.

This last picture was actually taken by my brother-in-law during a visit to Hawk Mountain. He’s got the eye — wish I did.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

Down By the Riverside

Misty Mountain Morning

Waiting At the Rutters in York
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More Pennsylvania Pictures

Another weekend, another posting of pictures from around the glorious commonwealth.

Virginia’s Shed. I had a phone call from Virginia this week. It reminded me of our last trip across the mountains to visit her. That’s when I took this picture.

Main Street in Latrobe. The Methodist and Presbyterian churches and some wonderful old houses.

Pottsville, looking north toward the courthouse.

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Pennsylvania Pictures

It was hot and humid up at Hawk Mountain this morning. A heavy mist hung over the river and haze obscured the hills. Naturally I grabbed my cameras and headed out to see what could be seen. As it turned out, not much.

I did, however, get upclose and personal with this little beauty. Of course it’s just a weed. A few years ago I wouldn’t have even noticed it and (in one of her gardening frenzies) my wife would have ripped it out without a second thought, but carrying a camera changes everything. You start to look closely, I mean really look, at your surroundings and the rewards are enormous. An artist friend of mine tells me that it has always been that way for him. I envy him and wish I had learned to look earlier.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

Another weekend, and time for some more pictures of our gorgeous commonwealth.

A hot summer day? Head for the ol’ swimming hole.

Ripples in the Stream

Pennsylvanians know all about driving on steep inclines. Sometimes it seems that most of the State is built on hillsides.

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Going off subject:

It’s the weekend again. Time for some more pictures. My wife and I have spent the past week in Baltimore, so instead of the usual Pennsylvania pics I thought I’d post some pictures of what we saw there. The Inner Harbor is easily accessible from Pennsylvania and makes a nice day-trip; I would recommend it to all of you guys.

The yachts at the inner harbor just keep getting bigger. That’s the Lady Christine, built by Oceanco Yacht. You can read more about her here. It’s owned by Irvine Laidlaw. Read about him here.

Keeping cool on a hot afternoon. The city has constructed waterfalls on Light Street next to the Inner Harbor. Local kids and birds use them to cool off on hot days.

Here’s the previous occupant of the spot; the ducks scared him away. Dastardly ducks!

And over at the Harbor East, I visited a local street fair.

That’s Ellen Cherry, a figure in Baltimore’s music scene, named by Rolling Stone as the best local music scene in the nation here. Not being a clubber I couldn’t say, but Ellen has a nice folksy sound I like.

Kids just like to pound things. It’s amazing the energy they expended just making noise.

And now for something completely different.

This morning as I walked to breakfast at my favorite coffee shop I passed through a film shoot. We’re getting used to this sort of thing around here — a lot of movies are shot in Baltimore. I didn’t bother to ask what film it was. Four of the guys I was meeting for breakfast had walked through the set too. They hadn’t bothered to ask either and just complained that the film crew had taken their favorite parking spots. That’s how blase people around here have gotten. Film crews have become just another annoyance.

instead of talking about the movie shoot, we spent most of the time extolling the virtues of Western Pennsylvania where some of us had once lived. Our conclusion — the energy drought promises to be good news for the coal and natural gas industries and that will be good for the region, if they seize the opportunity that is. The most exciting local news — Jonah Goldberg will be speaking on Liberal Fascism at the Rope Walk Tavern, just a few blocks away on South Charles Street, tomorrow. I’m going to try to attend.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

This weekend I’m a bit late with the pictures. Sorry. Here for your consideration are a few more pics of our gorgeous commonwealth.

There are all sorts of regulations prohibiting burning, but Pennsylvania farmers have been doing it for centuries now and aren’t likely to stop anytime soon.

One of Pennsylvania’s famous covered bridges. This one is down in Lancaster County. Not one of the most picturesque, but still something for which the region is noted…

Back at Landis Valley Farms. This is the interior of an old print-shop as it would have looked in the mid-nineteenth century. My great-grandfather was a printer and would have worked in a place closely resembling this one.

I like log structures, don’t know why, but it probably has something to do with that set of Lincoln Logs my folks bought me for Christmas back when I was a kid.

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In Praise of Slow Walking

My the weekend sneaked up on me again. Time for a few more Pennsylvania Pictures.

First, heavy rain on the Susquehanna.

One of the advantages of getting old and slow is that you see all sorts of neat little things that you would have missed in faster times — things like this shroom:

or this delicate blossom,

or these:

And remember, there are only thirteen shopping days until National Sauntering Day.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

Another weekend, time for more Pennsylvania Pics. This week, Lancaster County!

Lets start with a hot Amish babe. This picture was taken on a rural road not far from the Green Dragon, which was presumably her destination.

She kept glancing back to see if we were going to pass, and got a bit annoyed when we didn’t. She’s got a sort of Kelly McGillis thing going on there.

Of course the GD is just a glorified flea market and I didn’t take many pictures there, though I did pig out on the ice cream. So on to a better location — Landis Valley Farms. Lots of picture opportunities there.

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Pennsylvania Pictures: Nearing Ligonier

I realize that I made a foolish promise a couple of weeks ago. Knowing that I would be traveling in the western part of our wonderful Commonwealth this week, I assumed that I would have an opportunity to spend some time prowling the mean streets of Ligonier with my camera. I promised to post some pictures.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and I was unable to spend much time taking pictures. However, during the few dry sunlit hours available to me I did get close to Ligonier and this is some of what I saw.

These are native azaleas, not the fancy kind I and others use to decorate our yards. These were growing near the foot of Laurel Mountain over in Westmoreland County.

Speaking [OK, writing] of which, here are some mountain laurel buds ready to pop. I couldn’t wait around for a few days to see them burst into full flower. Maybe next year.

I got this during a visit to the historic Compass Inn along the Lincoln Highway in nearby Laughlintown, only three miles from my destination.

I also planned to spend some time lounging at the pool where we were staying, but the weather was too wet and chill. I did, however, manage to get a this.

Ligonier next year, for sure.

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