Mr. Potter Anyone?

All in good fun, of course. I just could not help but see the resemblance.

Mr. Potter from the holiday classic, It’s A Wonderful Life :

Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday:


Cheney at Inauguration


Get well soon, Dick.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

Take comfort in the thought that no matter how this election turns out, Pennsylvania will still be the Gorgeous Commonwealth.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

When I first started this series of pictures of the glorious commonwealth I led off with a picture of a barn [here]. Recently I drove past it again and…, well…, the farmers have been busy. They have planted several fields of sunflowers. Here’s what the empty field looks like now.

Later I posted a picture of another barn, that elicited a lot of comment. Here’s what it looked like back in the springtime, and this is what it looked like today.

The springtime greenery has given way to a riot of color. So far the most vibrant colors are pretty much limited to the lowlands. The mountains themselves remain green and gold.



Either way, up or down and in any season, this is a beautiful place to live.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

Another weekend, time for some more pictures of our glorious commonwealth.

Complex feelings — Obama, flags, and support the troops, all in the same house. Interesting!

Boathouse Row

Last week as we were escaping Philly along the Surekill Expressway, I was able to snap these from a moving car. I was using a Nikon D-90. Need I say it is a WONDERFUL piece of equipment?

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A Visit to Hawk Mountain

It is the weekend so once again it is time to post some pictures of the gorgeous commonwealth. This week I had a chance to spend some time up at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Here’s a bit of what I saw there.

From up high [about 1500 feet] Pennsylvania farmland looks a bit like Middle Earth, don’t you think? That hill in the center of the image is “Donat” [named after the family that owns the land] and is a landmark used by bird watchers who with few exceptions refer to it as the “Doughnut.”

Speaking of birdwatchers — right now the Fall raptor migration is in full swing and that always brings out a crowd of people who like to scan the skies — people such as these perched at the South Lookout. Of course the main purpose of being there is to look at raptors, but sometimes I find the watchers more interesting than the watched, especially when the broadwings were passing through.

Broadwings are soaring birds who ride high up on the thermals and are almost always too far away to photograph. Even through binoculars they often appear as a cloud of tiny specks. While I was there three bald eagles also passed through but they were all too far away to get a good shot. An American kestrel came close, but was traveling far too fast and too erratically to keep in frame. So, rather than posting ambiguous pictures of tiny dark blobs against the sky, I’m giving you pictures of the groundbound humans.

Here’s an example of my bird pictures.

Hawk Mountain attracts student interns from all over the world. Here’s one of this year’s crop. Now isn’t she more interesting to look at than some silly hawk? Yeah, I thought so too.

Finally, birdwatching is often a family affair and on that day there were lots of young couples with kids around. I’m not sure whether putting the really young offspring out on a precipice is a good idea, though.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

Back in the Glorious Commonwealth. This week the weather has been perfect, and of course I took my cameras out for an early morning walk. Here’s a bit of what I saw.

First, an establishing shot — the view out across the valley. Gorgeous scenes like this are common in Pennsylvania. After all, Paradise is located here.

As I neared the bottom of the hill I saw these. The fall migration is in full swing and a small flock of Canada geese had decided to stop for a rest. They weren’t very hard to find. These guys are really noisy, and so were the resident crows who were cawing alarm at their presence.

I was trying to sneak closer to get some closeup shots of individual geese when I heard a great roaring sound from above. A few seconds later one of my neighbors came tearing down the hill on his ATV. Naturally the geese took flight, heading out across the valley toward the rising sun. If they had gone the other direction I could have gotten a better picture, but as it was this was the best I could manage. I had to ramp up the contrast just to make them stand out against the trees. That’s why their wings look blue.

Later, as I headed home a second, smaller flight came over, but once again they were between me and the sun so the shot is a little washed out.

After that I really took my time returning home, trudging slowly along, scanning the skies, hoping for another overflight, but it was not to be. Maybe tomorrow…, up on Hawk Mountain my luck will be better.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

My, the time does go by fast when you’re having fun! It’s the weekend again already! Time for a few more pictures.

I didn’t get any new shots this week so once again I will dip down into the archives for pictures past.

Another view from the hill. What makes this picture work for me is the lone hawk cutting across the valley.

A colonnade in Center City Philly. We’ll be there again in a couple of weeks and I plan to do a lot of wandering around with a camera. Gotta restock the files.

Ugh! They’re everywhere…, they’re everywhere.

If you want to see what I have been taking shots of recently go here and here and here. Trouble is, they’re not Pennsylvania.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

Back in the Glorious Commonwealth, so there area new Pennsylvania Pictures to post.

Everyone’s excited about the future of wind power. Here is it’s past. Taken along Rte. 78 not far from Hershey.

Here’s Buddy. He’s the new top dog on the hill and he wants us humans to know it. He hasn’t figured my wife and me out yet. We’ve been away a lot over the past few months and he isn’t sure whether we belong here or not. He’ll learn.

Several days ago I noticed that the leaves on some of the trees at the Inner Harbor were beginning to turn and opined that it was a bit too early for Fall to start [here]. A few days later I mentioned it to some friends of mine over breakfast and they dismissed it as just another manifestation of urban pollution. I wasn’t sure. This has been an unusually cold year and it may very well be that Fall is starting early.

Well, now that I am back in the mountains I can see the harbingers of Fall all around. The evening we arrived back home the temperature was 53 degrees. Yep, the seasons, they are a’changin. Soon we will be walking through realms of gold.

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More Weekend Pictures

We won’t get back to the gorgeous commonwealth until later this week, so once again we will have to make do with old photos.

I will include one recent photo. The other day, early in the morning, I was walking along the promenade at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The water was calm and and I was able to get this picture of the Constellation’s reflection. I find it sort of spooky, like a ghost ship.

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More Pennsylvania Pictures

I’ve been out of the glorious commonwealth for several days now and so have no recent photos to post. Here are some old ones:

First, some dogwoods in full bloom this past Spring.

Mist over Port Clinton

Another shot from a moving car — this time along rte 895. My wife was driving — I was looking for pictures.

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