Teacher Strike possible in Erie

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Atleast We Do not Live in New York

It seems there will be a some sort of smoking ban in the four Corners of PA, Allegany Count Erie County, Scranton, and Philadelphia. I am very surprised by the Scranton ban because from my perspective most people in NEPA smoked. Anyways a least we are not New York. For many reasons I am glad about this, today especially because they are banning trans-fat. I don’t know specifically what trans-fat is, but I probably just ate some for lunch.

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Re: Erie Smoking


No I’m not. In fact I can’t stand the stuff. I watched my grandmother die from leukemia because she smoked religously. So on a personal level no, I don’t like smoking.

My personal preference though doesn’t mean that the government should enforce that preference on others. There are several options for me if I want to avoid smoking when I eat or drink.

It irks me the Kyle Foust is using this issue to raise his profile for what I think will be a run for higher office sometime soon. It especially irks me that my tax money is going to go to a lawsuit to defend a ‘law’ clearly violates state law. Unless of course they can find a judge to become a legislator unto him or herself and declare that law null and void. Which irks me further that my tax dollars are going to subverting the democratic process.



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Erie Smoking

Ben, are you a smoker? 😉

I saw this shirt available for purchase.


It’s naturally targetted at nanny-staters… although that really doesn’t look like a cigarette… a tobacco one, anyway… or so I’ve heard.

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Curfew passes

Erie County governments rush to become the nannies to our children and citizens continues

Tuesday saw the Erie County Council taking the steps toward a smoking ban.

Last night the City Council passed a 10pm curfew on all minors under the age of 18.

Read this quote by advocate of the curfew Ed Dawson:

Ed Dawson, a member of a committee that developed the curfew guidelines for council, said too many children roam around at night with nothing to do — and those circumstances make it too easy for adults to tempt them with alcohol, marijuana or gambling.

I half expected the next line to read: Then Dawson broke into song reminiscent of The Music Man’s lead character Harold Hill’s admonition to the people of River City: “Oh, we got we got trouble my friends; right here, I say trouble, right here, in Erie City.”


Both City Council and County Council have better way to use their time and my tax dollars.

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What the hell is going on in my county!

The City Council in Erie is trying to replace parents now with a 10pm curfew! 10pm? What’s next? Are we going to mandate bedtimes now too?

After reading today’s paper I have a headache!

See Here

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