The Liverpool Council and John Moores University Investigate the Possibility of Coronavirus Case

Liverpool City Council works fast to investigate the spread of Coronavirus. This is due to the increase of Coronavirus patients after the match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. The match was on 11 March 2020 at Anfield. The Reds was the host of the match and over 52.000 fans of both clubs came to the stadium to watch their favorite squads. The 3.000 of the supporters were Atletico Madrid’s fans. Liverpool City Council works with John Moores University to investigate this case. The team will work as maximally as they can to complete the investigation and report the result. There is no deadline yet for this investigation. Joe Anderson, Liverpool major explains that the focus of the investigation is to get an indication of the impact after the match. 

Until now, there are over 1.250 Coronavirus cases in Liverpool. Over 270 patients have died during the treatment in hospitals on Merseyside. The match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid was the last football match in England before lock-down and the federation suspended the competition. This match was not the only event at that time. Over 251.684 people were also gathered at the Cheltenham Festival to watch a horse racing competition. The UK government stated that those events were held before the lock-down regulation. The council and government hope that there is no additional case from this event. Angela McLean explained that it has an interesting hypothesis when there is no Coronavirus after the match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. Too bad, it is only a hypothesis because one of the Liverpool fans namely Ben Johnson said that he attended the match. After that, he felt unwell and developed Coronavirus symptoms. He only wondered if the match was suspended, people wouldn’t come to the stadium. daftar agen sbobet online

On the other hand, the mayor of Madrid explained that the decision to hold the match between Liverpool against Atletico Madrid was a mistake. Despite the decision to let the match go ahead, the Liverpool City council and the team from John Moores University have to focus on the investigation. They have to make sure that all the infected people are quarantined and treated based on the procedure. It takes time to finish this project due to the huge number of people who come to the stadium. If there are cases from this match, the Coronavirus in England will raise significantly. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the football federations and league decide to suspend all the football competitions. There is no clear information yet about when the league holds the competitions back. 

The federation and league promise to continue the league after the Coronavirus solves and everything goes back to normal. There is also a discussion to hold the rest of the matches closed without any supporters coming to see the match. Despite who has to be responsible for this, England has to handle the impact and limit the spread of the Coronavirus effectively, so there will be no more cases. Football fans have to be patient with the new regulation to limit the spread of the pandemic.